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Feel like I'm tryin' to breathe under water

28 January 1990
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Hey, my name is Krystal but most know me by Chosenfire if they know me at all. This journal is Friends Only but all fics and art posts are unlocked. Any personal posts by me are locked.

I run several communities, some with amazing co-mods. If you have a question in relation to any of these communities please make sure to specify which one in your message.

kradam_ai - Co-Moderator, Owner
grimm_fic - Maintainer, Owner
mating_games- Team Spark Captain

Big Bang/Reverse Bang Communities
kradambigbang | sncross_bigbang |inception_bang |xmenbigbang |
hawaii_bigbang | | crossbigbang | werewolfbigbang | teenwolf_bb
polybigbang | rpf_big_bang | holmes_big_bang
twreversebang | merlinreversebb | xmenreversebang


Stylesheet by fleeting_days
Friends Only banner by me

alex/hank, american idol, animals, arthur/eames, ats, batman/joker, battlestar galactica, being human, big bang, brian/justin, btvs, buffy summers, buffy the vampire, buffy/spike, caroline forbes, caroline/tyler, cats, charles xavier, charles/erik, charmed, chris halliwell, chris pine, clark kent, clark/lex, clark/oliver, dan/blair, dan/nate, dan/serena, dark angel, dean winchester, dean/buffy, dean/cas, dean/castiel, dean/gabriel, dexter, doctor who, erik/charles, fan fic, fan fiction, fanart, firefly, glee, gossip girl, graphics, grimm, harry potter, harry/draco, harry/hermione, hawaii five o, heroes, hummelberry, icons, inception, james t kirk, jensen ackles, jeremy/tyler, john/sherlock, kara thrace, kara/lee, kirk/bones, kirk/spock, kittens, kradam, kris allen, kris/adam, kristen bell, kurt/blaine, legend of the seeker, lost girl, mal/simon, mark/eduardo, matt bomer, merlin, merlin/arthur, mike/harvey, movies, music, natasha/clint, neal caffrey, neal/peter, nick/monroe, nikita, nikita/michael, peter/nathan, peter/sylar, photoshop, piper/leo, primeval, queer as folk, rachel berry, rachel/jesse, rachel/puck, rachel/quinn, reading, revenge, ringer, roswell, rpf, sarah michelle gellar, sherlock, slash, smallville, sons of anarchy, spuffy, star trek, stefan salvatore, stefan/damon, stefan/elena, stefan/klaus, steve/danny, steve/tony, suits, supernatural, television, terminator:scc, terra nova, the avengers, the borgias, the covenant, the dark knight, the social network, the vampire diaries, tony stark, tony/bruce, torchwood, veronica mars, veronica/logan, white collar, winchesters, writing, x-men, x-men first class