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Dear Yuletide Author

Dear Author,

First off, I want to say thank you for writing for me this year. Yuletide is one of my favorite challenges and I am really excited to see whatever you come up with. I apologize in advance if you have any stress at all and hopefully this letter at least helps a little.

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Thank you again for writing for me! If you got my assignment, are a pinch hitter, a treater...just really thank you. Feel free to take from this letter what you need, don't feel bad about leaving things out or not sticking to a prompt if its not working for you.

Also, you at anytime have any questions about my likes/dislikes or need some more help feel free to contact witchyemerald, they know me pretty well and should be of some help if you need it.
Star Trek - Kirk captains chair

Dear Rarewoman Author

Dear rarewomen Author,

First, I want to say thank you for whatever you are able to write for me! Several of the characters/fandoms I requested last year so I am copying a lot of stuff from there (because I still adore them!) I am pretty easy to please and will be excited with whatever you decide to write! Will have more prompts added in tomorrow, for now I need to sleep but I wanted to get this up before I went to bed.

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Dear Spacer

Dear Spacer,

First off, so sorry this is a so late! I kept procrastination on my sign up right until the deadline and totally forgot about the part where I need to write a little too. I want to say thank you for writing for me and I am really looking forward to whatever you choose to do. No matter what fandom we matched on or one you choose to go with I am going to be really happy!

Hopefully, this letter helps give you a bit of guidance if you get stuck or helps inspire you if you need it! Don’t stress too much about sticking to it, I am pretty easy going and there are a ton more things I enjoy that I am probably going to forget.

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