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SPN/J2 Big Bang Art - Burning Matches, Lifting Latches (Sam/Dean)

This was the second story I claimed for the spn_j2_bigbang and I was very excited to read it. It is an amazing story and I was so honored to do art for it. I loved working with jadedpen and she created a story that was veru inpiring for an artist, it honestly made me wish I could draw. At the moment the story is unavailable but once it is up I will link to it so everyone can read.

Title: Burning Matches, Lifting Latches (On Our Way Home)
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC17
Summary: Three years after the apocalypse, Sam and Dean are still hunting. But Dean was seriously injured, and his bum leg is the reason Sam wants to get off the road. Dean refuses -- he can't stand feeling useless. When they find a pregnant girl possessed by a demon, they take her in, worried that something might have happened to the baby, and unwilling to let the girl go when they realize she's most likely schizophrenic. Sam's getting what he wanted after all, but it doesn't feel that way, especially when the baby's born and the mother takes off, leaving Dean determined to raise this child. Sam can't understand why Dean would do this for a stranger's baby and not for him, and Dean needs to make Sam understand that he's been missing taking care of Sam, that he was worried Sam wouldn't want him anymore. In the end, they've reconciled but they have a whole new road ahead of them.

The sexual relationship is explicit (see rating) and the story is mostly about how they're fighting to stay together but, as usual, being faily about communicating. Plus, there's embarrassingly schmoopy Dean with a baby! scenes. And Sam pouting.

All Sam/Dean manips (the sleeping one and the holding one) are made by lightthesparks and you can leave her feedback on how beautiful they are at THIS POST!!!. I do have permission to use them.


Story Panel
While I was doing the poster I decided to also put together some of the pictures that relate to the story


Bonus Art
I did all of this on power point and paint (with some help from photobucket) and only got my hands on photoshop a week ago. So I decided to try to make something based around the orginial character of Emily.

Tags: big bang art, spn j2 big bang
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