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SPN/J2 Big Bang Art - Jared and Jensen's No Kiss List (J2)

So a couple of days ago I got an email asking me to pinch hit for the spn_j2_bigbang. The thing was because the posting date was on the 21st it would only give me a couple of days to do the art for it. Seeing has how I recently downloaded photoshop and have been playing on it I said yes. The author of the story is shannon_doll and she was amazing to work with, she is the reason I did so much and such little time.

Title: Jared And Jensen's No Kiss List
PG-13, Jared/Jensen
Summary: The No Kiss List was first created as the ‘Jared-don’t-you-dare-crush-on-Adam Emerson-that-kid-broke-my-nose-in-third-grade-and-therefore-is-off-limits List.’ The list has of course been improved since. And just because Jensen says he’s straight, Jared can still dream of their future together, can’t he? Though when supposedly straight Jensen is found kissing Jared’s boyfriends, their friendship crumbles apart. Four years later they’re reunited at a nightclub on Ludlow’s street. Jared’s in the need of a 5-minute boyfriend, and Jensen happens to be that guy.

Story can be read HERE!!!

Now for the art:


The No Kiss List


Download Mix HERE!!!


Tags: big bang art, spn j2 big bang
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