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SPN/J2 Big Bang Art - And God , I Know I'm One

This is my art for the spn_j2_bigbang.

Title: And God, I Know I'm One by newredshoes
Summary: So Sam is willing to let his younger brother find their missing dad all by himself, but when his fiancee Jessica disappears, he'll drop his position at a D.C. law firm and hit the road to hunt again? Fine. Whatever. Dean can deal with that, just like he can deal with the strange dreams and crippling headaches. The demons, though? That part he doesn't want to do alone.

I have been so excited for this big bang (because of it I created sncross_bigbang lol) and first I signed up as an Author but quickly realized there was no way I was going to get 20,000 words or more of fic done during a chaotic year. So I moved to art and am glad I did. I claimed two fics and this is the gen one. I was going to stick to slash but I saw the summary for this one and went all big eyes and grabby hands when I saw it. I have a soft spot for Dean as the younger brother lol.

When it the author's were announced I was surprised and happy that newredshoes was my author. I had the pleasure to have her in the above big bang and had exchanged emails and messages with her before, her fic she wrote for that one was so epic and beautiful I knew I would find something great for her for this one.

And God, I Know I'm One is amazing, stunning, and a has a plot that works. Sam and Dean's roles are reversed with Dean being the younger brother with a secret and Sam being the older but they are still the Sam and Dean we all fell in love in the show. Dean is still a Hunter, Sam still wants a normal life, and everyone is still so in character and amazing. While I have only read the rough draft I know the story is a stunning one. Everyone needs to read it, then refer it to friends to read.

Now unto the art, it does contain spoilers for the fic so you have been warned.


Story Banner

Part Banners



Tags: big bang art, fanart
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