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Dear Yuletide Author

Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you for writing a story for me this Yuletide. I really hope you have as little stress as possible this Yuletide and that you have fun writing for me. Below I’ll go over my requests, why I like them, and some prompts I’d love to see!

I honestly will be delighted with a story from any of the requested fandoms. There isn’t one I am wanting more than the other, each was picked weighed on a scale of “if I get a fic for this will I be disappointed it’s not something else?” so whatever fandom (or fandoms) we matched on I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Hurt/Comfort, Kidfic/ Unplanned pregnancy/Adoption etc, team work/ensemble fics, healthy family dynamics, found families, loyalty, secret relationships (that get found out is a bonus!), smut, fix-its, soulmates/soulbonds, slight AUs to incorporate supernatural elements (like werewolves), strong friendships, crossovers/fusions (I'm a sucker for Buffy/Teen Wolf/Supernatural/MCU/The Walking Dead in anything tbh)
Kink Specific Likes:
Clothes sharing, possessiveness, manhandling, hand holding, knotting , dubcon, breeding, rough sex, biting

Humilation, unequal relationships, crack, fluff, major character death, unhappy endings, infidelity/partner betrayal, character bashing from other characters, noncon,

American Vandal
Characters Requested Peter Maldonado, Sam Ecklund, Dylan Maxwell, Gabi Granger
Favorite Ships Gabi/Sam, Peter/Sam, pretty much open to any combo thrown out, I’m not attached to any ships in this fandom.
Fandom Specific Likes: Outside POV, Future Fic, dealing with fame, behind the scenes, slice of life

So I found this show by chance while browsing Netflix and immediately got sucked in. I haven’t read any fics for this fandom yet (didn’t even think it was a fandom till I saw people requesting it for Yuletide lol) so I am all for any ships and dynamics. I noticed Peter/Sam seems pretty popular and don’t mind that at all if that’s what you want to write. I also don’t mind Sam/Gabi as a ship or just friends cause I did find them adorable. While I did request Peter, Sam, Gabi, and Dylan you don’t have to include all of them and I’d love any combination of the 4 that you feel inspired to write.

Also, I am all for any mixing up of my prompts you’d like to do. Adding any element with any of the others.

- I’d love to see a happier ending for Dylan, maybe he joins the boys as a cameraman or gets some kind of attention/offers from the show going viral (acting gig, his own prank show with the Wayback Boys). I’d really love to see him grow up too,
- I missed Gabi so much in season 2. I found her and Sam adorable so would love anything with them either as friends or getting together. Like the above with Dylan I’d love to see her join the boys more in shooting documentaries, either an AU of season 2 where she was a part of the team or even their next project.
- Building on the first two prompts, both Dylan and Gabi join the team. Dylan as a cameraman (and maybe because Peter felt bad) and Gabi as a much needed female voice to talk to people who don’t respond well to Peter&Sam (and whose less well known as they are). I love the idea of the four of them becoming a team together and what their interactions would be. How do Gabi and Dylan get along, or Peter and Gabi, or Sam and Dylan. I love seeing different combinations of people interacting together. I also love the idea of a found type of family being formed as they work together, through all the day to day stuff (hotel stays, dinners, editing, mapping out their plans, handling real life stuff like paying bills and staying in touch with family while they live this life).
- Anything with Peter and Sam reacting to the email from Netflix, the disbelief, the joy, telling other people.
- Outside perspective of the boys and the work they do, either by any of the people they interview or even people we didn’t really see like their parents or the parents of the children involved in their documentaries.
- One of the cases Peter & Sam take on leads them into the supernatural (witches, werewolves, vampires, ghosts, demons, etc). Open to either an original take on this or some kind of crossover/fusion.
- Zombie AU and how they all deal with it, fight zombies, stick together, rebuild, etc.

The Defenders (Marvel TV)
Characters Requested Matt Murdock, Elektra Natchios
Favorite Ships Matt/Elektra
Fandom Specific Likes: Teamwork/Ensemble, found family, seduced to the dark side, villain/hero pairing, kinky sex, hurt/comfort

So as far as the Netflix Marvel shows go Matt Murdock is my favorite character and I absolutely adored his relationship with Elektra in The Defenders.

I haven’t seen Daredevil season 3 yet but will definitely by the time Yuletide opens so I am okay with any spoilers for season 3 in the fic (or it ignored completely). If I have any prompts inspired by season 3 I’ll add it to the bottom of these prompts.

- Amnesia fic, Matt wakes up with no memory of who he is and Elektra in there to tell him.
- Defenders prequel AU, what if Elektra had never been killed and her and Matt are still together when they meet the others. They still take on the Hand only with Elektra as a part of the team.
- I know it’s not believable (especially for Matt) but I am such a sucker for the hero joining the villains side/being seduced to the villains side. So I’d love to see anything where Matt chooses to join Elektra.
- Alternatively, Elektra chooses to join Matt and he helps her readjust to the world and to life with the Defenders team.
- A timeline stretch out might be needed but Elektra left behind an infant to Matt (his of course) and while everyone else has varying advice/opinions (both related to his ability to care for the child and how he should care for it) Jessica surprisingly is the only one to take it in stride (it’s a baby, it shits and sleeps, Matt’s a ninja, he’s got this, etc) and provides him the support and confidence he needs to do this. Open to either Elektra returning or not.
- Elektra saves Matt from Fisk, or really anything where Fisk meets Elektra who is very protective of Matt.
- Future fic where Elektra chooses Matt and is making an effort to fit into his life by working with one of the other Defenders (does she help Jessica out on cases, becomes Danny’s assistant, follow Luke around antagonizing him, or all of the above). Elektra trying to find her place in Matt’s life.

The Dragon Prince
Characters Requested Callum, Harrow, Ezran
Unrequested Characters I Like: Claudia, Rayla, Soren
Fandom Specific Likes: Family dynamics, stepparents, royalty, duty to the people, brother relationships, Father-Son relationships, losing a parent

I think one of my favorite things about this show and why I requested the characters I did was the family relationship between these three. Callum being Harrow’s stepson and his uncertainty there was both so heartbreaking and beautiful to see. At the end of the day I would love absolutely anything that touches on the family dynamic.

I didn’t really include any ships because I am looking for a family dynamic but I don’t mind if you want to write in Harrow/Viren, Callum/Claudia, Callum/Rayla, anyone/anyone. I love all the characters and there’s not really a single dynamic I can think of that would make me dislike it’s inclusion.

- Anything with Harrow and his feelings towards Callum. How he sees Callum as his son and worries about him. Harrow being protective of him. His love for his sons and the close relationship they share. Even his grief over losing his wife and his determination to protect the son she shared with him.
- I’m convinced Viren actually put Harrow in his bird and would love anything with that. Maybe he escapes and finds Callum and Ezran on the road and protects them without them knowing it’s actually him.
- Harrow lives and welcomes back Callum and Ezran after they completed their mission and sees the changes in his sons.
- Harrow adjusting to being a single father after losing his wife and juggling that responsibility with that of being King.
- Harrow overhears someone insulting Callum and becomes fiercely protective and lays down the law.
- AU where Rayla and the elves never came and Callum and Ezran discover the dragon egg and secret it away and it hatches, they try to hide a baby dragon in the castle and Harrow notices something is going on.

Characters Requested Eddie Brock, Venom symbiote
Favorite Ships Eddie/Venom
Fandom Specific Likes: Possesiveness, Tentacles, Smut, Soulbond, discovering powers, codependent relationships

I absolutely adored this movie and Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock. My only previous introduction to Venom was as a villain in the original Spiderman movies. After this movie though I find myself adoring the characters (even reading the comics) so I am super excited to request this for Yuletide.

I have some basic comics knowledge (working my way through different volumes). I love the dynamic between Eddie and Venom and love that in the movie that they were reluctant heroes. I prefer them as that or an anti-hero type instead of straight out villains. Separately they were both self-acknowledged losers but together they have the potential to be so much more.

I also don’t mind any inclusion of Ann and Dan.

- I’d love to see a movie version of Eddie and Venom spawning/having a baby. How do they care for a baby symbiote, Eddie’s reaction to it all. Like in the comics does Venom spawn? Or do him and Eddie have a symbiote/human child, or do they find baby symbiote(s), or even finding a human baby that a symbiote attached to and they are trying to protect, or an ex of Eddie’s has a baby he didn’t know about that she leaves to him. I’m up for anything in this wheelhouse to be honest.
- Eddie is drugged and chained up by someone who doesn’t know about Venom. He comes to and they wonder why he’s so amused. Venom then makes himself known, full on horror movie style is a plus.
- Any inclusion of Spiderman/Peter Parker into the Venom movieverse (MCU Tom Holland Spiderman or comics Spiderman). I just want to see Venom and Eddie get their comic book powers and how they deal with the larger Spiderman verse (Spiderman, Spiderwoman, etc). If MCU version would love to see a more big brother/little brother relationship between Eddie and Peter (Peter trying to encourage Eddie to be good, Eddie all “I’m gonna let Venom eat this guys head”).
- Smut, so much smut, all the smut. Tentacles, kinky dubcom sex, Venom pinning Eddie down, possessiveness.
-How does Eddie’s life change with Venom now a part of him?
- So far in the comics I love how Eddie and Venom or both protective of symbiotes and would love to see how that plays out in the movieverse. Eddie starting to see them as more than parasites and defending their right to life as well as humans.

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