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Dear Hetswap Author

Dear Hetswap Author,

Thank you for writing for me! I hope this letter helps you with your assignment and makes things easier on you overall. I am super excited to get something for some of my longtime favorite and new het ships. My requests are a mixture of old intense OTPs, pairings I desperately want but can’t find much for, and ones I saw in the tagset and my brain said YES!

Below are my likes and dislikes as well as some prompts. If any of the prompts don’t really inspire I’d genuinely love anything created off my likes. Sometimes I don’t know how much I wanted a thing until I get it.

Also, I am totally onboard with smut if that’s the direction you want to go. I don’t really have smut specific prompts but if you feel like just writing any of the following ships going at it I am completely okay with that!

Hurt/Comfort, team work/ensemble fics, healthy family dynamics, loyalty, secret relationships (that get found out is a bonus!), smut, fix-its, soulmates/soulbonds, slight AUs to incorporate supernatural elements (like werewolves), strong friendships, canon divergent fix-its, smut specific likes (yes please on smut!) clothes sharing, possessiveness, manhandling, hand holding, knotting , fingering, public sex

Humiliation, unequal relationships, crack, major character death that’s not canon, unhappy endings, infidelity/partner betrayal, character bashing from other characters, noncom/rape, sexual assault

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
- Spike/Buffy Summers
This was probably my first ever OTP and remains one of my favorite ships of all time. I see their faults but just adore them. I really loved how their relationship developed, especially after Spike got his soul and just how supportive he was of her in season 7. One of the things I love most is how that dynamic really felt like an equal relationship on both ends and a real partnership. I also love the snark, and the smut, and the sheer chemistry between the two.

  • Post Buffy series finale Buffy shows up at Wolfram and Hart and is reunited with Spike.
  • Post NFA in Angel Buffy and co come and save the day.
  • Season 7 Chosen fix it where Spike doesn’t die but is turned human and Buffy pulls him onto the bus with her, they go from there.
  • Season 7 where Spike and Buffy resume a romantic/sexual relationship.
  • Dawn is saved in time and Buffy doesn’t have to die, Buffy and Spike grow closer the summer between season 5 and 6.
  • Unexpected baby acquisition, unplanned pregnancy, etc

    Charmed (TV)
    - Phoebe Halliwell/Cole Turner
    I loved this pairing so much and none of Phoebe’s future relationships ever really resonated with me the way this one did. It’s been so long since I’ve rewatched the show (that a rewatch is probably in order) but the development of their relationship, from Cole lying to becoming Human to their marriage and the source and the fall was just so beautiful to see. My favorite dynamic of them is after he’s no longer a demon and fighting side by side with Phoebe and the sisters to the best of his abilities, even with demon abilities him as their ally was just such a delight to see so I would love more of that in a future setting.

    Speaking of future setting bonus for anything with grown up Chris and Cole (I adore Chris so much!), and Piper and Cole and her kids.

  • Fix-it where Cole sticks around and what the dynamic between him and Phoebe and him and the sisters would be in a season 5 and on canon.
  • Phoebe/Cole somehow written into season 6, bonus for Cole and Chris interactions (maybe Chris needs him to help Wyatt, maybe Cole comes back from the future to help Chris, him and Phoebe reunite).
  • demonCole and witchPhoebe kicking ass together and being romantic while doing it.
  • Phoebe never lost the baby and has a non evil child (Cole could still die but be brought back somehow and meets his child for the first time).
  • Piper brings Cole back with her from the Cosmic Void.
  • Cole is really Coop (a fact that Phoebe discovered before marrying him and kept secret).

    Teen Wolf (TV)
    - Allison Argent/Stiles Stilinski
    I tend to ship Derek/Stiles and Scott/Allison in this fandom but I just adore these two and would love to see them together. Allison is one of my favorite characters of the show (Stiles being my favorite) and I pretty much gave up the show after she was killed. I love the idea of what these two would mean to each other if things had turned out a bit different or if they had had time to form a relationship.

  • Fix-it where Allison doesn’t die and her and Stiles grow closer as they both recover from their run ins with the Nogitsune. Maybe Scott pushes them away a bit in a misguided attempt to protect them both and they grow closer.
  • Allison teaches Stiles how to defend himself and in the process they become attracted to each other.
  • Stiles and Allison leave Beacon Hills together and come back with a kid.
  • Allison is saved by Scott biting her and becomes a werewolf, Stiles (who has experience in this kind of thing) takes it upon himself to teach her control.

    This Is Us (TV)
    - Jack Pearson/Rebecca Pearson
    I just adore these two; they really make the show for me. They are one of the most perfect married couples on tv and I just want a non-heartbreaking moment/future/interaction between the two of them.

  • Jack’s death is faked and he’s enrolled in a government agency that needs his skills (against his will, maybe they’re aliens or super powered ppl and Jack was in the army). A decade or two later his survival is revealed to his family and he’s reunited with them, so a Rebecca whose been mourning him and trying to move on and his now adult children with lives of their owns that are still grieving him.
  • The early days of 3 newborn babies, exhaustion, chaos, and how they weather it together and how it strengthens their relationship.
  • Crossover with Heroes, where Jack is Peter Petrelli who time traveled and got stuck (powerless) so he started his life as Jack Pearson and is pulled back into the future and at a certain point is reunited with his family.
  • Jack knew that Rebecca had found Randall’s father and lets her keep the secret, knowing she is on her own journey of accepting and loving Randall and not feeling it’s his place to confront her.
  • AU where Jack and Rebecca (any time after having the big three) find themselves expecting again.

    Veronica Mars
    - Logan Echolls/Veronica Mars
    The moment where they first kissed will always be one of the biggest OMG moments of television I have ever seen and will always stick with me. I remember being in high school and daily checking LoVe boards for new fics of the two. I’ve been fully onboard with this pairing from the very first kiss, to college, to the movie (I adore the movie).

  • Post movie, Logan and Veronica reunite after his tour and start building a life together.
  • Post movie, post second Veronica Mars book (I adore these books and don’t mind them being canon). Veronica’s mom ends up in jail and Veronica ends up with custody of her little brother. Logan comes back to help her.
  • Anything season 1 fix-it, she gets on the boat, they don’t break up, how their relationship could have changed if they weathered the first few trials.
  • Seas
  • Unplanned pregnancy, either while they are in school or in college or even post the movie.

    Marvel Netflix
    - Jessica Jones/Matt Murdock
    The snark and companionship between these two was such a joy to watch. I love that they can match each other step for step and that they get each other in a way the other Defenders just don’t. I feel like each is the perfect foil for each others issues and I’ve been wanting ship fic for them since seeing them interact.

  • Jessica just can’t believe Matt is dead and starts her own investigation and eventually finds him (feel free to bring in Foggy and the others).
  • Future fic, Matt and Jessica accidentally fall into working together, a lot. Both in a professional and vigilante capacity.
  • Adrenaline fuelled sex leads to an accidental pregnancy. Completely fine with abortion being discussed and even decided on (as it might be more realistic to Jessica as a character and interesting to read).
  • A timeline stretch out might be needed but Elektra left behind an infant to Matt (his of course) and while everyone else has varying advice/opinions (both related to his ability to care for the child and how he should care for it) Jessica surprisingly is the only one to take it in stride (it’s a baby, it shits and sleeps
  • Matt and Jessica are soulmates.

    Crossover Fandoms
    - Buffy Summers (BtVS)/Jaime Lannister (Game of Thrones)
    One of the pairings I saw in the tagset and said YES! I NEED THIS! I am a huge fan of both these canons and love the idea of these together.

  • The requisite Buffy jumps into the portal and lands into Westeros. How would they meet? How would Cersei react? Them fighting together side by side. Honestly, anything with Buffy adjusting to this new world with Jaime absolutely fascinated by her and by her side.
  • Buffy is the daughter of INSERT CHOSEN HOUSE HERE (I adore the Starks but I am good with her ending up anywhere) and is still a Slayer.
  • Jaime is pulled into Buffy’s world and she is there to find him and help him adjust.

    - Diana (Wonder Woman)/James T. Kirk (ST:AOS)
    So I adore both of these characters and I adore Diana/Steve and Chris Pine in general so I was really happy to see this in the tagset.

  • Jim is Steve reincarnated and starts regaining past memories after he meets Diana (she could join his crew, they could crash land on Themyscira.
  • Since he was little Jim has dreamed about snapshots of his life as Steve Trevor (so much so he’s always been fascinated by that time in Earth history) and runs into Diana and recognizes her instantly.
  • Diana sees the new reports showing Captain Kirk and his crew after they save the world and recognizes him instantly.
  • OR Jim is Steve but that’s because he’s thrown back in time and takes on the life of Steve Trevor to help with the war effort, so everything happened the way it did with him keeping this secret and trying to get back to his own time. How does him meeting Diana change that? And does she help him?
  • Jim introduces his crew to his wife Diana who no one (except maybe Bones) knew about, maybe she joins the crew.

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