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Dear Chocolater Letter

Dear Chocolater,

Sorry for just now getting this up! I don’t have internet at home so I had to find a connection to upload this.

But I am super excited for this challenge. For every fandom/relationship I gave some prompts but at the end of the day if you want to use any of my likes (soul mates, give someone a baby!, secret relationships) OR use a prompt from another relationship (I have some overlapping characters so feel free to mix and match prompts if inspired) I would totally delighted and love anything!

Some of my prompts might look like they call for longer stories, and while I absolutely wouldn’t mind more I adore small snapshots too from larger prompts.

Feel free to check out any of my past letters, I always have bookmarks on AO3 of some recent things I’ve liked (some even for listed relationships). This is my first time doing this challenge so really at the end of the day I am just really excited for whatever you create for me! (also please forgive me for my typos in my assignment, I just noticed them as I was double checking it to write this – my phone keyboard loves changing words on me!).

My AO3

Hurt/Comfort, teamwork, found families, secret relationships (bonus love for them being found out), fix-its, smut of all kind is welcome, soulmates/soulbonds, loyalty, unplanned pregnancy (mpreg is fine!), sudden baby acquisition, adoption, slight AUs, strong friendships

Kink Specific Likes:
Clothes sharing, possessiveness, manhandling, hand holding, knotting , dubcon,

Humiliation, Noncon/rape, extreme fluff, major character death in the story (especially the unexpected kind), unhappy endings, infidelity/partner betrayal

Harry Potter – J.K Rowling
Requested Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter, Harry Potter & James Potter & Lily Evans Potter

Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter
This is my Harry Potter OTP that I am still navigating fics for, I find myself constantly craving stuff set during Hogwarts and all the different AU’s where things could have gone differently (SlytherinHarry is a favorite lol). With that said if you want to write something set more in canon I prefer to ignore the epilogue (and the canon deaths of the last book) and am absolutely okay with AUs going past book 5.
- Rivals to lovers, or rivals to friends to lovers, anything showing the transition of their relationship
- Quidditch brings them together, either playing against each other or on the same team (interhouse Quidditch league) they start admuiring each other and becoming friends then something more.
- Secret relationship set anytime during book 5 and on. Clandestine meetings, jealousy over romantic rivals, possessiveness, coming out as a couple in a spectacular way.
- Pureblood customs where Draco proposes to Harry and Harry meets/interacts with the Malfoys as Dracos intended (I love Harry + Malfoys fics).

Harry Potter & James Potter & Lily Evans Potter
At this point I feel like I’ve pretty much scoured AO3 and FFN looking for interactions between Harry and his parents that are set more in canon. I would love to see something where all the events that shaped Harry into who he is still happened and he meets his parents after that.
- James & Lily come back to life and rescue Harry from the Durselys.
- When Harry and Voldemort’s wands connected it actually brought James & Lily back to life.
- James & Lily are dealing with learning about their son’s future and do a spell to reveal some of it to them, it pulls a teenage Harry back to the past.
- After any of the above with a domestic moment between the Potters as James & Lily learn to parent a teenager whose faced a lot of trauma and isn’t used to much parenting.

Game of Thrones (TV)
Requested Jon Snow & Arya Stark & Sansa Stark, Jon Snow & Sansa Stark, Jon Snow & Robb Stark, Jon Snow & Lyanna Stark & Rhaegar Targaryen, Jon Snow/Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow/Robb Stark, Jon Snow/Robb Stark/Daenerys Targaryen, Oberyn Martell/Jon Snow

Jon Snow & Arya Stark & Sansa Stark, Jon Snow & Sansa Stark
It’s a long wait till the last season and I’d really love to see what happens next. My favorite part of the show is interactions between the Stark siblings and I’ve enjoyed so much how the three of them have found their way back to each other and retook their home.
- The moment when Jon comes back and is reunited with Arya and learns what Arya and Sansa got up to together.
- Would love to see after the above where the three of them have problems sleeping alone or keep checking to make sure the others are actually there so the siblings start becoming attached at the hips. Casual touches, hugs, guarding each other, sleeping in the same room.
- Outsider perspective of how the Stark siblings work together now that they are all reunited, maybe some fear them or they reassure the North with how united they are.
-Fix it where Jon gets to Rickon just in time and somehow keeps him alive during the crush (maybe Ramsey did hit him but it wasn’t fatal) and after Jon & Sansa reuniting with him and patching him up.
- Jon & Sana specific, any of the above focused on them as well as any moments in Winterfell before Jon leaves/after he returns, light sibling ribbing, sharing horror stories/nightmares, defending each other. I never expected this would be the relationship I come away from the show loving the most but it really is.
- The Gods grant them a wish to bring back any family member, while each has ones they’d prefer over others (Sansa her mother, Arya her father, Jon is Robb) they decide on Rickon because its what their family would have wanted (maybe for that choice they get them all back).

Jon Snow & Lyanna Stark & Rhaegar Targaryen
Sort of in line with my Harry Potter request but anything where Jon retains who is (the experiences that made him that way) and his parents aren’t dead and get to know him. I am really intrigued by the different scenarios and how these three would interact.
- Lyanna and/or Rhaegar never died but went into hiding and return to Westeros with Daenerys (or around the same time). Would love to see them meet a Jon who has recently learned his heritage and is still very much a Stark (with a strong bond with his siblings).
- When Jon leaves the Night’s Watch its with the knowledge of his heritage and visions of his parents guiding him.
- Rhaegar lives and at Lyanna’s request Jon is fostered with the Starks from a young age. The King and Queen come to meet a Jon who barely remembers them and is every bit the man Ned Stark and his family have raised (maybe his life is in danger). So the royal family arriving like in season 1 but this time it’s a Targaryen royal family.
-Jon Snow as King in the North helps Rhaegar and Lyanna retake the Seven Kingdoms playing the role of Ned Stark’s bastard son while knowing his true heritage and keeping it from them. They catch on.
- Anything with Jon dealing with the reveal of who his true parents are and struggling with learning what that means to him and finding out the truth from the lies about them. Would love any of the following characters helping him: Sansa, Arya, Tyrion, Daenerys, Davos.

Jon Snow & Robb Stark, Jon Snow/Robb Stark
I’m a fan of both as a sibling relationship between them and incest. This was my first OTP in the fandom so I love anything between the two. Because of the invents of canon fix-its are my favorite. I love the dynamic of them being each other’s right hand, and them + their Direwolves fighting together.( I’d prefer no Catelyn bashing, I find her relationship with Jon to be very complicated and while I don’t like how she treated him I far prefer if she’d included (which I don’t mind at all!) that they work through things for the common love of their family.)
- Jon saves Robb from the Red Wedding, I don’t care how (maybe he had a vision, maybe he never joined the Night’s Watch and was off across the Narrow Sea, squiring from some lord and heard rumors). He gets Robb out before the slaughter (and I imagine Robb’s wife and mother as well since he wouldn’t be the type to try not to save them too).
- OR Robb wasn’t killed but imprisoned by the Bolton’s and when Jon & Sansa retake Winterfell they find him fighting his way to them. (Or Ramsey never knew Robb was a prisoner so when he kills his father Robb uses that as a chance to escape, rescues Rickon, and goes to Jon and Sansa and helps them retake Winterfell).
- Jon decides against joining the Night’s Watch and staying with Robb and acting as his right hand. When Robb becomes King in the North he makes sure Jon gets the respect he feels he’s deserved.
- Jon rescues Sansa and Arya from Kings Landing and brings them to Robb.

Jon Snow/Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow/Robb Stark/Daenerys Targaryen
- Jon/Dany learning the truth about his parentage and deciding to get married to protect each other from any factions that would divide them to prop the other up. Maybe exploring for each other them what it means not to be alone in the world.
- Jon’s a warg, Dany finds out. Would that be something he could do with the dragons? Also, fighting on dragons together, maybe Dany teaching him how to ride a dragon. (bonus Ghost getting along with the dragons)
- Hell Jon/Dany could be in the background of a Ghost & the dragons fic and I’d be delighted, I never knew how much I’d want a Ghost + the dragons story still I started typing this (opens AO3 to see if there is anything).
- Jon/Dany, while Jon is mining for dragonglass he finds more dragon eggs (only him in Davos know), he presents them to Dany.
- Jon/Robb/Dany, any of the Jon/Robb prompts each included as a basis for Jon &/Robb allying themselves with Daenerys to defeat Cersei (and the white walkers but I care more about the people politics tbh).
- Jon/Robb/Dany, Jon marrying Dany to unite the North with the new Queen of the Seven Kingdoms but Robb still being possessive over him and him and Dany sharing Jon.
- More Direwolves + dragons, Dany introducing Robb to her dragons.
- Smut, I am absolute okay with smut between either couples.

Oberyn Martell/Jon Snow
I didn’t know I wanted this till I saw it in the tagset. I think it’d be incredibly fascinating given Jon’s heritage and how his story connects to the Martell’s. (I love the idea of Elia/Lyanna or Elia/Lyanna/Rhaegar)
- Instead of going to the Wall Jon ends up in Dorne and meets Oberyn.
- Oberyn sees Rhaegar in Jon and knowing a bit more than others (namely that Lyanna was pregnant) finds his story suspicious and engages in a relationship with him with revenge in mind that turns to something more (would love the Elia/Lyanna part to come into play).
- Working off the above, Oberyn falls for the man who would have been a son to his sister and works towards giving him back a throne that should have been his. He reveals the truth to Jon.
- A training session between Oberyn and Jon that devolves into smut.
- Oberyn survived and meets the King in the North with Daenerys.

Marvel Cinematic Universe
Requested James “Bucky” Barnes/Tony Stark, Peter Parker & Tony Stark, Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, Thor/Tony Stark

James “Bucky” Barnes/Tony Stark
The rareship of my heart for the MCU, I’m pretty sure this is my MCU OTP and while there are some really amazing fics I always want more for it. I love the combined snark and trauma between the two of them.
- Tony finds Bucky first OR Bucky comes to Tony for help (while still on the run from Steve) when his arm starts malfunctioning.
- Bucky works with Shield (they found and deprogrammed him) and meets Tony before and during the events of Iron Man. Snapshots of how things would change if Bucky and Tony had been together at the time.
- Bucky as Tony’s bodyguard.
- Female Tony & a new relationship that leads to an unplanned pregnancy and a fall out from that (a child with Bucky and Tony’s DNA being a target, impending parenthood fears, safety concerns, how others react).
- Steve comes out of the ice & is reintroduced to the world by Bucky and is introduced to Bucky’s husband (or wife if FemaleTony). Would be fine with Steve/Bucky/Tony
- Smut, all the smut, engineering focused smut, captive together and break out smut, thank god you’re alive wow you look so hot murdering ppl to protect me smut.

Peter Park & Tony Stark
I am all for falling into a parental role Tony Stark with Peter. One of my favorite things about Spider-Man: Homecoming was the way Tony dealt with Peter and how he was both protective and giving Peter room to be his own person. I enjoy this Tony respects Peter’s decision to be a superhero and enables him to do it while trying to give him the right tools and support. And I also love how he inserts himself in Peter’s life.
- Tony shows up to school when May can’t make it for a parent-teacher conference.
- Tony accidentally falls into a parental role with Peter and does something that makes him realize it (reminds him to not forget his lunch, messages him to do his homework, remarks on how dirty his room is).
- Someone threatens the Parkers and May & Peter move in with Tony.
- May dies unexpectedly and Tony takes custody of Peter (or May leaves Tony as Peter’s guardian).
- Civil War doesn’t happen but Tony still meets and start mentoring Peter, he cautiously introduces him to the team, or Tony’s hurt and Peter bursts in and Tony has to introduce him to the team.
- Tony finds out he’s Peter’s dad and finds out the whole Spider-Man thing when looking into him and things happen so fast that he forgets to tell him for a while till something forces the issue.

Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
My original MCU OTP has been taking a beating lately but I’ve recently been reminded about all the reasons I love it. I’d prefer to ignore the events of Civil War (I haven’t seen it but I’ve spoiled myself plenty) or if you want to include it I am all for fix-its of every kind and flavor. I adore anything with these two coming to respect and support each other.
- Tony is the one to find Steve Rogers and is there when he thaws and helps him adjust to the future.
- Steve is defrosted a couple decades earlier and meets a young adult Tony still dealing with his parents death and self-destructing, they come together.
- Steve and Tony have been in a secret relationship for awhile (not because either is ashamed, just they want to take time together) and the team and the public start catching onto it (probably because they were ready for it to come out).
- Hell I did bodyguard Bucky as a prompt so I’ll throw in bodyguard Steve to a reluctant Tony.
- Sudden baby acquisition from a lab creating infants out of Steve & Tony’s DNA, bonus if the child is still gestating and they have to adjust to what that means for the future.
- I’m just a big fan of female Tony Stark, so marriage between them, unplanned pregnancy, Steve meeting female Tony Stark and being very attracted to her & trying to date her, dancing together, kicking as together.
- Smut all over here too, same flavor as Bucky/Tony works for me.

Thor/Tony Stark
Another rareship that I absolutely adore and find so visually appealing. I love the idea of Tony’s advanced technology and brilliance meeting Thor and all the magic of Asgard. Plus Thor being a Prince from another realm and Tony being something similar (but less respected) on his planet.
- Tony is the one to find Thor when he falls.
- Thor/Tony established relationship with Thor surprising Tony with a marriage proposal and taking him to Asgard and immortality.
- Arranged marriage between Thor & Tony to unite Asgard and Midgard.
- Lightning god and arc reactor sex shenanigans.
- Honestly smut between the two is awesome, involving Thor being super strong and manhandling Tony.
- A tender moment between the two where Thor makes Tony feel cherished.

The Defenders (Marvel TV)
Requested Jessica Jones & Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones/Matt Murdock, Matt Murdock & Franklin “Foggy” Nelson

Jessica Jones & Jessica Jones/Matt Murdock
I got the most amazing Jessica & Matt epic for Yuletide and while it was immensely satisfying I find myself craving more of these two. This is another case of loving the snark and trauma generated between these two characters. I love that they both are pretty broken yet incredibly heroic and driven with amazing support systems.
- Unexpected drinking buddies meet before the events of The Defenders
- Matt at his lowest (with no friends) meets Jessica and then the others and they help build him back up. Found family with the Defenders with Matt & Jessica at the core.
- Matt & Jessica officially going into business together (maybe after finding themselves unable to stay out of each other’s business).
-Matt & Jessica secret relationship that wasn’t really being kept a secret but everyone acts all surprised when they find out anyway.
- Matt somehow acquires a baby and a reluctant and feeling wholly unqualified Jessica helps him deal.
- Matt/Jessica smut, all the smut, they beat up bad guys together and have sex, they go drinking and have sex, Matt looks adorable, Jessica laughs, all of it leads to them in Matt’s bed (or in an alleyway, or at Jessica’s, or in a bathroom stall at a bar).

Matt Murdock & Franklin “Foggy” Nelson
I really loved where their relationship was in the Defenders. I loved so much that Foggy brought Matt his suit. I would love to see Foggy accept the fact more that Matt is Daredevil. I honestly would love anything set during The Defenders run or after,
- Foggy refuses to accept Matt is dead (accepting it would destroy him) and sacrifices sleep to find him. He does.
- Foggy’s reaction to the team forming around Matt and how he fits in.
- Foggy’s reaction to Matt being alive, helping nurse him back to health, becoming overprotective.
- Matt acquires a baby and Foggy is the one to help him navigate parenthood and superheroing.

Wynonna Earp (TV)
Preface, when I signed up I was almost finished with the first season, now I am working on season 2 and will be done with that in a week or two.
Requested Waverly Earp & Wynonna Earp, Wynonna Earp/Doc Holliday, Xavier Dolls/Wynonna Earp/Doc Holliday

Waverly Earp & Wynonna Earp
Oh my god do I love this relationship. The sisterhood between them is what first really hooked me on the show and is hands down my favorite part of it. I just love how much these two love each other. This is one of the best sibling relationships I’ve seen and I’d be happy getting anything that builds on their relationship.
- The Earp sisters have a good day together.
- Wynonna teaches Waverly how to shoot & fight to protect herself , would love any inclusion of Doc or Dolls but with the focus on Wynonn and Waverly.
- Clothes stealing between the sisters, ribbing each other about their love lives, bonding with their significant others, futurefic where they take care of Alice together.
-Wynonna in trouble and Waverly is the one to save her.

Wynonna Earp/Doc Holliday
So I spoiled myself for the baby storyline and while it makes complete sense I just desperately want a fix-it where they get to keep/raise their daughter and what that means to the both of them. Also, in general these two are so chaotic together but they just fit and I would love to see anything with them figuring out how to make it work.
- Fix-it where the danger is past (or the danger is worst out there) and Alice is brought back to them. They are still working through their grief of losing her and learning how to parent her together.
- Doc is hurt and laid up at the homestead while the Earp sisters & Dolls & Jeremy are taking care of business all around him and he’s unable to help.
- Barn sex, set during any time, the moment after where Doc is looking at Wynonna in wonder.
- The curse is broken and Wynonna takes Doc to show him the world (and delights in surprising him with things he missed). Bonus it starts or ends with them picking up Alice.
- Doc moves into the homestead with Wynonna, they adjust (along with Waverly). Bonus Nicole living with them too and how they all learn to live with each other in a house that’s feeling smaller now.
- Wyatt is pulled into the future and finds Doc shacking up with his descendant.

Xavier Dolls/Wynonna Earp/ Doc Holliday
It’s funny how I love this pairing the more and more I watch. Season 2 has been really great so far in showing how amazing it could be. I love finally seeing Doc and Dolls come to respect and work with each other. My favorite kind of love triangle is one that is solved with a great threesome and I think it would work really well for them.
- Any of the above Wynonna/Doc prompts with Dolls dynamic added in! (Dolls helping parent Alice, Dolls being the one laid up, the afterglow between the three, the three traveling the world together, moving in with Wynonna, meeting Wyatt Earp).
- The three of them go on a date together and it ends in the best kind of chaos (killing demons, drinking, fighting side by side and falling into bed together).
-Dolls dragon side is possessive of Wynonna and Doc, they learn to enjoy it.
-Wynonna and Doc help Dolls practice fire breathing (working on aim, water bottles on hand, ribbing).

Crossover Fandoms
Feel free to ignore timelines and match it up however it works for you, I’m not a stickler for those at all.

Requested: Buffy Summers & Stiles Stilinski, Buffy Summers/Dean Winchester, Buffy Summers/Derek Hale, Buffy Summers/James “Bucky” Barnes, Buffy Summers/Matt Murdock, Buffy Summers/Tony Stark, Buffy Summers/Thor, Buffy Summers/Rick Grimes, Matt Murdock & Stiles Stilinski, Stiles Stilinski/Peter Parker, Tony Stark & Stiles Stilinski, Tony Stark & Ned Stark, Tony Stark & Robb Stark & Jon Snow, Tony Stark/Matt Murdock, Matt Murdock/James “Bucky” Barnes, Dean Winchester & Wynonna Earp

Buffy Summers & Stiles Stilinski
These are two of my favorite characters and I’d love to see how they’d interact.
- (Sheriff/Buffy) Stiles doesn’t think his stepmom is a bad person just thinks she might be slightly ditzy. Then she saves him from INSERT MONSTER OF CHOICE in all her badass glory and he starts to learn all about her.
- Buffy comes to Beacon Hills at the Sheriff’s request to keep an eye on Stiles (she’s his older sister, aunt, cousin, etc).
- Stiles introduces the pack to his older sister/aunt Buffy. She saves their asses.

Buffy Summers/Dean Winchester
This was actually my first ever fandom (a proboards when I was 15) where I met some of my lifelong friends so I am extremely nostalgic about this pairing and its been a long time since I’ve dived back into it so I’d pretty much adore anything putting these two together romantically. I have a bunch of fics written for them on Twisting the Hellmouth.
- When Sam goes away to college and his dad starts pulling away Dean meets Buffy.
- Season 1 or 2 AU where Dean introduces Sam to his wife, Buffy.
- Dean and Sam need help averting the apocalypse and are sent to meet the Slayer.
- Dean finds his soulmate in Buffy.

Buffy Summers/Derek Hale
I would love for Derek to have something good happen to him and I think Buffy would be really good for him (and protective).
- Season 1 where Derek brings in his girlfriend Buffy to help find the Alpha and deal with the Argents (Buffy&Kate confrontation would be a bonus).
- After leaving Beacon Hills Derek is captured by Hunters and rescued by Buffy.
- Derek starts dating Buffy thinking she’s a normal girl, Buffy started dating Derek thinking he was normal (yet super-hot) guy. They are thrown into a situation where they learn differently.

Buffy Summers/James “Bucky” Barnes
Pretty much the same as Derek above, Buffy would be good for him and it’d be fantastic to see how these two would interact together.
- Buffy and a group of Slayers take out a Hydra operation and find the Winter Soldier, with Willow’s magical help they start healing him.
- OR the Winter Soldier is sent to kill Buffy and a vicious fight takes place that she wins and captures him holding him at Council headquarters. A connection grows between them as she helps bring him back to himself.
- Bucky escaped Hydra on his own before Steve is thawed and meets and falls in love with Buffy (random meetings, fighting together, training together, snarking). Bonus he introduces Steve to his wife Buffy (totally fine with Bucky/Buffy/Steve).

Buffy Summers/Matt Murdock
I am a really big fan of all Matt’s ninjaing and how him and Buffy would fight together.
- Buffy saves Matt from vampires, they hook up after.
- Post Defenders Matt finds himself with the Council and while recovering becomes smitten with Buffy.
-Matt’s enemies try to get to him through his girlfriend Buffy, she plays along to see what they want then saves herself while he laughs.
- Instead of meeting Elektra Matt meets Buffy while at law school and they start dating.
- Them dating as normal people until they are forced to reveal to the other their superhero ways/abilities.
- Matt training Buffy.

Buffy Summers/Tony Stark
Buffy’s my favorite character of all time and Tony is pretty high up on the list so I would adore seeing these together and the combined snark and how Tony’s showmanship nature to mask his vulnerabilities comes into play with Buffy’s personality.
- Buffy is Tony’s new assistant after Pepper’s promotion and her and Tony constantly snark at each other.
- The above with Buffy saving Tony’s life and revealing her Slayer nature (he would accuse her of being Shield, she’d be offended).
-Only time I’ll ask for something Civil War related, but Tony brings in Buffy on his team and her and the Council help clean up the mess with far less fall out.
- Totally open to Buffy/Tony/Steve but in the flavor of established Buffy/Tony with Tony introducing Buffy to a defrosted Steve Rogers.

Buffy Summers/Thor
They are both blonde bombshell warriors and I crave it.
- Buffy doesn’t die when she jumps into Glory’s portal but ends up in Asgard and recognized as a warrior. Her and Thor start a relationship and she helps him mature.
- Buffy is the one to find Thor when he’s banished and helps him adjust and get back to Asgard.
- Buffy marrying Thor and becoming an Asgardian princess and meeting the family. Or Buffy already has an outside perspective of her from those on Asgard.
- Thor (and Loki) are saved by Buffy and her team and Thor finds himself smitten.

Buffy Summers/Rick Grimes
Rick is my favorite on the Walking Dead and I always wondered how Buffy would handle him and his group in the zombie apocalypse. I’d prefer not a lot of Scoobies killed (but understand that some probably didn’t make it in this world).
- Honestly anything post Lori where Buffy joins the group or saves the group from danger than joins the group and her and Rick start circling each other. Her handling the Governor, Negan, etc
- Negan specific, something Fix-it related in the clearing where Buffy saves them (and especially Glenn). Maybe she comes with her group before the eenie miney moeing and Negan and his guys are forced to retreat.
- Buffy takes the role of Lori (as Carl’s mom) and Rick is reunited with her and their son (bonus her group being a part of the initial group, definitely Dawn, would love to see Faith, Willow, and any of the others too). Buffy tried to get to him, Carl needed her, she doesn’t trust Shane or has a handle on him.
- Buffy/Rick/Michonne would be awesome too, I do adore Rick/Michonne and would love to see Buffy added to their dynamic in any way.

Matt Murdock & Stiles Stilinski
I think Stiles could bring some lightheartedness to Matt that he sorely needs and Matt could help train Stiles to protect himself if he refuses to stay out of danger.
- The Sheriff sends Stiles to stay with his Uncle Matt in New York for the summer after Stiles is nearly killed. Stiles quickly entangles himself in Matt’s affairs.
- Matt finds out he has a nephew while in college and him and Stiles start communicating.
- Matt needs a secretary/assistant after getting overloaded with cases (working on his own after Foggy leaves) and hires Stiles, Stiles catches onto his vigilantism and starts helping him manage that too.

Stiles Stilinski/Peter Parker
I didn’t know I wanted this pairing until I saw it but I really do! I’d love to see the dynamic between these two.
- Stiles and Peter meet in college and become friends and rivals while Peter’s out of costume and Stiles becomes like his Lois Lane while in costume (Peter has to keep rescuing, gets rescued in turn). Would love a secret identity reveal with Stiles being already having figured it out.
- OR Stiles transfers to Peter’s school during their senior year and stumbles on him and Ned (with Peter mid costume change) and completely exasperated takes over helping them
- Stiles and Peter meet at Stark Tower or wherever Peter is meeting with Tony/training with the Avengers and Peter doesn’t know who is but develops a huge crush on him. Stiles ends up being the junior agent with SHIELD that becomes Peter’s handler.

Tony Stark & Stiles Stilinski
In much the way I love Tony parenting Peter I’d love to see the same happening if he was related to Stiles. I think Stiles is just enough of a little shit to keep Tony on his toes and amuse him, while sharing a similar ability to mask his pain behind sarcasm.
- A reveal where Tony is Stiles uncle or biological father.
- Stiles goes to Stark tower and arranges a meeting with Tony so he can tell him of this fact (not wanting money, just wanting to get to know him).
- After Tony comes back from Afghanistan his reunion with Stiles (as his uncle/father).
- Anyone from the team accidentally meeting Stiles when they come by the tower unexpectedly.

Tony Stark & Ned Stark
Honestly, I’d just love anything that works Tony into Westeros as a Stark of Winterfell. How does being the younger sibling affect him, how is he still very much Tony Stark, what do his inventions look like. Would love to see a well-traveled Tony, maybe to try to mend things with the Martell’s Tony was fostered in Dorne and is a bit free in his thinking but still very much a man of the North.
- Tony is the youngest Stark and is with Ned when they find Lyanna OR catches up after and instantly sees through Ned’s lie. He concocts a story where he had drunkenly married a village girl, got her with child, she’d died and while Ned was on his way back he picked up Tony’s kid for him (so Tony can raise Lyanna’s son away from the Seven Kingdoms and Robert’s reach). Dealing with their grief over losing their sister, Ned’s vow, and protecting Jon even.
- Tony shows up just before the royal family does and seeing the danger in Kings Landing decides to go with Ned when Robert makes him the hand. Fix-it with Uncle Tony making things better, Lady not dying, Tony helping Ned from getting beheaded and getting the girls out, joining the North to fight.
- Anything with Tony Stark being Ned’s younger brother but still very much Tony Stark, boozing, flaunting wealth/privilege to hide pain, brilliant beyond society’s norm (Westeros version of his inventions), and protecting his family.
- Tony not trusting the way Petyr looks at his brothers wife and puts him in his place only the way Tony Stark can. Tony interacting with Ned & Catelyn while making digs at Petyr.
- OR modern day AU where Ned is Howard’s younger brother and provides Tony with a family that supports and protects him when Howard can’t.

Tony Stark & Robb Stark & Jon Snow
The above parts but Tony interacting with his favorite nephews and influencing the men they are becoming.
- Working on the Uncle Tony theme, Tony has a Direwolf named Jarvis (bonus bright blue arc reactor eyes) that everyone was told was a very large wolf and returns to Winterfell when the kids get their Direwolves and is the one to help them care for them.
- When Ned goes to Kings Landing to be Robert’s Hand Tony decides to stay behind (and is the reason Jon stays) and is there for all the fallout and provides support to the siblings. (Does he thwart Theon’s betrayal? Stop the Red Wedding? Find Arya? One man rescue party for Sansa?)

Tony Stark/Matt Murdock
I’ve found very little for this pairing and that made me realize I desperately wanted all that I could get my hands on! They even live in the same state and technically the same universe so how would they react being in each other’s orbits.
- Tony hires Matt as his lawyer and flirts shamelessly with him, Matt’s flattered
- Daredevil rescues Tony Stark in Hell’s Kitchen and is injured in the process, Tony helps patch him up and reveals he knows who Matt is in the process.
-Tony is the one to find Matt post The Defenders.
- Tony and Matt while Matt’s in law school and start fooling around.

Matt Murdock/James “Bucky” Barnes
I feel the same way about this guys from Tony/Matt above except I’ve found even less for them. I’d love to see them sparring, sexual tension, fighting together.
- Bucky, now free from Hydra and figuring out who he is, starts showing up at the same gym as Matt and they start sparring together.
- Hydra captures Daredevil and Bucky is the one to save him, hurt/comfort would be awesome!
- Matt and Bucky start dating and move in together, Foggy comes to talk to Matt to start reconciling and is greeted at the door by a shirtless Bucky.

Dean Winchester & Wynonna Earp
I’m still making my way through Wynonna Earp but love it so much and already see the similarities to SPN (I just read an article about Wynonna Earp doing everything SPN did wrong right). I love the similiarities between these two characters, the drinking, the protective older siblings chained to a destiny, the good heart at their core.
- Dean and Wynonna drinking and bonding over hunting and their guns (comparing the Colt and Peacemaker).
- Dean (& Sam and/or Castiel if desired) during some downtime settles in Purgatory to help with their revenant problem. Or comes when he hears rumors about demons and decides to stay to help long term.
- Dean is an old friend of Wynonna’s and helps the team out, Dolls knows him by reputation, Dean is a fan of Doc, Jeremy is a fan of Dean.

Tags: exchange letter
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