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Dear Yuletide Author

Dear Yuletide Author,

First off I want to say thank you for writing for me this Yuletide. I really look forward to whatever you come up with and hope you have as little stress over this assignment as possible. Below I’ll go over my requests, why I like them, and some prompts I’d love to see!

Hurt/Comfort, Kidfic/ Unplanned pregnancy/Adoption etc, team work/ensemble fics, healthy family dynamics, loyalty, secret relationships (that get found out is a bonus!), smut, fix-its, soulmates/soulbonds, slight AUs to incorporate supernatural elements (like werewolves), strong friendships
Kink Specific Likes:
Clothes sharing, possessiveness, manhandling, hand holding, knotting , dubcon, breeding, rough sex, biting

Humilation, unequal relationships, crack, fluff, major character death, unhappy endings, infidelity/partner betrayal, character bashing from other characters, noncon,

Wonder Woman (2017)
Characters Requested Diana Prince, Steve Trevor
Favorite Ships Diana/Steve
Unrequested Characters I Like: Hippolyta, Antiope

I had already planned on watching this movie but when I heard Chris Pine was cast as Steve Trevor I was completely sold. I enjoyed the relationship between Diana and Steve since their first interaction, his snark, her bluntness, the way the played off each other and taught each other about the world was beautiful so I would definitely love more of that.

Diana is so absolutely beautiful and I love that she wasn’t perfect from the start. That she was naïve and saw the truth of men but still loved and wanted to protect them. I loved her relationship with her mother and aunt, how the rest of the Amazons helped raise her into this powerful woman.

  • Steve lives and and goes back to Themyscira with Diana where he stays and she visits him between world saving. Would love to see him interacting with the Amazons more, fielding awkward questions.
  • Kinky prompt related to the above, the Amazons are curious about men and with Diana’s approval Steve is used to settle their curiosity .
  • A major war is coming and the Justice League knows they’re outmatched, Diana calls for reinforcements and Steve comes with her mother and the rest of the Amazons.
  • Post BvS Diana finds a reincarnated Steve, anything with them being together again, immortality, meeting Bruce Wayne, and him staying home and providing her support while she saves the world.
  • Steve finds a parachute in the plane and jumps right as it explodes. Is found by Diana and the others and goes back with her and Etta to recover.
  • Diana goes into the Underworld to bring back Steve, meanwhile he’s been found by Antipoe there and they’ve been battling it out with the chaos caused there with Aries death.
  • Steve is Diana’s soulmate.
  • Diana becomes pregnant, would love to see it incorporated into any of the above prompts.

  • Star Trek - I’m a sucker for the reboot movies, I adore Pine was Kirk so much. So maybe Steve reincarnated as Kirk and Diana meeting him again.
  • Thor - Steve is actually the son of Thor (if he didn’t know would love the see the “what the hell” reveal when he doesn’t die) and him and Diana head to Asgard (maybe Thor didn’t know he had a kid either, someone there definitely did though!).
  • Teen Wolf - Diana and Steve are Stiles grandparents and come to visit him (set anywhere seasons 1-3 preferred). Gen is absolutely fine (would love to see Diana and Steve interacting with Stiles and Sheriff but if pairings I like Stiles/Derek. While Stiles is my favorite I wouldn’t mind too it being Allison instead who was their grandchild.

    What I’m not interested in:
    Missing scenes during the movie, mostly I’d love post movie stuff. Permanently dead Steve.

    The Defenders (Marvel TV)
    Characters Requested Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones
    Favorite Ships Matt/Jessica, Matt/Elektra, Matt/Jessica/Luke/Danny
    Unrequested Characters I Like:

    I’ve been so excited to see Matt Murdock interact with the others; The Defenders is all I’ve ever wanted since the first season of Daredevil. While I loved Daredevil I like the setting and characterization of Matt better in The Defenders, it was so refreshing. Matt falling into being the leader of the group, Jessica just being done with all of it but still coming through when needed most, and most of all I loved how these two played off each other. I think they are very similar people who can understand the others trauma and the scenes they had together were my favorite. I do ship them but I am absolutely fine with and adore just bros Matt and Jessica. I also love the team together and don’t mind if they’re fully incorporated.

  • Jessica just can’t believe Matt is dead and starts her own investigation and eventually finds him (feel free to bring in Foggy and the others).
  • Future fic, Matt and Jessica accidentally fall into working together, a lot. Both in a professional and vigilante capacity.
  • Canon AU, the first time Matt and Jessica meet is actually in a bar and they’ve been drinking buddies for months before everything started. Cue inside jokes and getting to know each other more fully.
  • Adrenaline fuelled sex leads to an accidental pregnancy. Completely fine with abortion being discussed and even decided on (as it might be more realistic to Jessica as a character and interesting to read).
  • A timeline stretch out might be needed but Elektra left behind an infant to Matt (his of course) and while everyone else has varying advice/opinions (both related to his ability to care for the child and how he should care for it) Jessica surprisingly is the only one to take it in stride (it’s a baby, it shits and sleeps - Matt’s a ninja, he’s got this, etc) and provides him the support and confidence he needs to do this.
  • Jessica doesn’t judge him for grieving for Elektra or is the only one to notice that he is.
  • Jessica (and maybe the others) save Matt from Fisk, he wasn’t expecting them.
  • Matt and Jessica are soulmates – either romantic or gen, would love if no one knew about it only for it and its revealed.

    The Avengers
  • After the events of the show Tony Stark brings Matt home to the team.
  • Matt and Jessica work on a case involving one of the Avengers (Tony, Natasha, Clint, etc). Fully competent badasses who are amused by how unaware how close to the action they get without the Avengers knowing.

    What I’m not interested in:
    Matt bashing for any reason, Matt/Karen

    Midnight Texas (TV)
    Characters Requested Manfred Bernardo, Olivia Charity
    Favorite Ships Olivia/Lem, Manfred/Creek, Manfred/Olivia/Lem, Manfred/Bobo
    Unrequested Characters I Like: Lemuel Bridger, Bobo Winthrop, Mr Snuggly

    I recently marathoned this show on the suggestion of my best friend and am so glad I did. It’s absolutely wonderful and I love the characters so much. I’m such a sucker for found family storylines and this show has it in spades. So when I say I don’t mind the rest of the characters being involved I really don’t. I requested Manfred and Olivia because out of the whole crew they were my favorites and who I really wanted to see more of.

    I love the rich backstory we’ve already gotten of Manfred and how that informs the character he is and his decision to stay in Midnight. I love his powers and wouldn’t mind exploring them more. I love how he’s been accepted into this weird amazing supportive bunch of incredible people and how through out the series they really come together to protect each other and Midnight. Olivia caught me by surprise, she’s so badass and heartbreakingly tragic and strong through out it all. I adore her relationship with Lem, while parts were definitely rushed it was just so satisfying to see the way they were as a couple from the very beginning.

    I requested these two because I feel they have a lot of similiaries and would love to see them play off each other more. I absolutely don’t mind though if things go in a more Olivia/Lem direction or even Manfred focused direction.

    I have no book knowledge and am not likely to get any.

  • Because Manfred is always putting himself in dangers I would love to see Olivia decide he needs some kind of combat hand to hand training. She pushes him hard because he’s constantly throwing himself into dangerous situations.
  • Manfred and Olivia bond over learning how to stay in one place after a life time of running, maybe Manfred comes with Olivia on some of her jobs to get away and help her out (in cases were his abilities would come in handy).
  • Olivia and Lem both are attracted to Manfred and invite him into their bed, maybe the three of them are stuck together in a dangerous situation and tensions start raising or Lem is starving and feds off Manfred
  • Olivia is turned against her will by a vampire with a grudge against Lem and when she pushes Lem away Manfred is there to help her work through things.
  • Olivia dies and Manfred sees her everywhere but doesn’t tell anyone because together they are working on bringing her back (tap into an unknown power of Manfred’s, that might make her immortal which she didn’t want but she doesn’t want to be dead).
  • Olivia notices there is something going on with Manfred and confronts him about it then helps him work through it. Maybe she starts staying with him at night or invites him to stay with her and Lem (so Lem can drain the demons in his head).

  • The Borgias - Manfred was Cesare Borgia in a past life and still remembers it vividly, especially because in this life he’s been reincarnated with Lucrezia and/or Micheletto. Maybe Joe reveals this to the rest of the group when Lucrezia and Micheletto arrive in Midnight. Would love Manfred/Lucrezia or Manfred/Lucrezia/Micheletto. What kind of supernatural creatures would they be and how would they fit in with the rest of the group. Maybe Olivia has ran into or heard of Micheletto, etc (would love to see how Manfred is both still himself but he’s also Cesare too).
  • True Blood - Eric Northman settles into Midnight

    What I’m not interested in:
    Any kind of partner betrayal on Olivia’s part with Lem.

    What to Say Next – Julie Buxbaum
    Goodreads description
    Characters Requested Kit Lowell, David Drucker
    Favorite Ships Kit/David
    Unrequested Characters I Like:

    On May 11th my dad died. It’s the first loss I’ve really had in my life and it’s been a pretty devastating one. I was googling for the best of 2017 books to find something to read and ended up requesting some things from my library. This book was one of them and one of the themes is that one of the main characters, Kit, is dealing with the recent loss of her father in a car accident.

    This book sucked me in right away. It’s the first book I’ve actually finished in years (I’ve struggled to concentrate) and I enjoyed it so much and it came at the perfect moment in my life. I was just so pleasantly surprised by how simply good this book was.

    Kit and her mother are recovering from the loss of her father and Kit, feeling overwhelmed by her friends and life decides to sit down at David’s table and finds his bluntness about life refreshing. David is on the Autism spectrum but the book never makes him just about that, while it’s a part of him its also what makes him the kind of different that she needs.

    This book is a pretty quick read and I would love absolutely anything more related to it.

  • Outsider perspectives on Kit and David’s relationship, in particular David’s sister, Kit’s mom, Kit’s friends, David’s life coach.
  • How they navigate being in a relationship, growing intimacy, sex, and even their looming future (college).
  • Kit’s mom meets David, how they interact, does he end up asking her about the affair?
  • David is into martial arts and tries to teach Kit some things.

    I’m sorry I don’t have as many prompts for this as I do the others. Honestly, anything off this book I’m bound to love because there is literally nothing for it so I would enjoy more. Feel free to do character driven things, zombie apocalypse, werewolves, soulmates, unplanned pregnancy, future fic with what their wedding would be like, or even them at her mom’s wedding 5 years later and the emotional struggle from that, Miney and Kit becoming friends and bonding over their mutual love of David and how they both see how amazing he is.

    What I’m not interested in:
    Complete AU’s, I’d love to have the canon events of the books kept in place.

    Big Little Lies
    Characters Requested Madeline Martha Mackenzie, Celeste Wright
    Favorite Ships Madeline &/ Celeste, Madeline/Ed, Perry/Death
    Unrequested Characters I Like: Jane Chapman, Bonnie Carlson

    I hadn’t even really planned on requesting this but when I saw it was in the tagset but had no requests I was sad and added it to mine because there are so many things I’d love to see!

    I adore this show so much I ended up watching it a second time after it finished because it was just so beautiful and perfectly done. Before Yuletide is over I’ll probably watch it at least one more time, it’s just one of those shows. One of the first things to drag me into the show was the friendship between Madeline and Celeste. They were funny and warm and so very there for each other but both keeping secrets. I loved how they welcomed Jane into their group and how at the end of the day all the women stood together.

    While I wouldn’t mind if things went in a Madeline/Celeste direction I really do lean more towards just a strong friendship between the two. I definitely could be persuaded to see them in a more shippy way though ;D

    Also, I haven’t read the book but if you want to include book details I should be good as long as its mostly show focused.

  • Celeste and Madeline end up spending a lot of time together after Perry’s death and during the investigation finally talking about the things they’ve been keeping a secret. Maybe they end up living together or are together so much they might as well live together.
  • The immediate aftermath of Perry’s death, maybe Madeline is the one that takes control and her and the other woman discuss what’s going to be said.
  • Built on the first prompts I’d love to see Celeste, Madeline, and Jane spending a lot of time together learning to come to terms with everything that had happened. What do they tell the kids?
  • Celeste is determined that Ziggy gets taken care of her and her Jane come together to raise the boys together as brothers in the healthiest way they can.
  • That day at the beach, what made them decide to go, what did they talk about?
  • Madeline comes clean to Ed about cheating on him and takes Chloe to stay with Celeste while they figure out what comes next.
  • During the investigation either Celeste or Madeline find out theyre pregnant. If Celeste how things are complicated by Perry’s abuse and death, her infertility issues and uncertainty if the pregnancy is even viable but how ill the timing is. For Madeline how it should be a happy moment for her and Ed but lying to him is eating her up inside. Which over one they both support each other.
  • Future fic, the kids are teenagers and start finding out the truth of what had happened back then (Chloe, Ziggy, Josh, Max). Scenes from their life growing up with different instances of the friendship between their moms. How their lives changed but that bond remained constant and maybe even one of the children outright asking their mom about things (Chloe asking Madeline, maybe she asked her sister first but she wouldn’t tell her).

    And really while I primarily want focus on Madeline and Celeste and their relationship I’d love anything that would include Madeline, Celeste, and Jane, Madeline & Jane, Celeste & Jane (the way they all glanced at each other and knew right away about Perry was beautiful), Madeline & Bonnie’s changing relationship and seeing them become strong friends (much to the confusion of their husbands).

    What I’m not interested in:
    Madeline/Joseph being a couple, any kind of conflict or shaming between the women, Perry portrayed in any kind of romantic way besides Celeste’s complicated feelings.

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