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Dear Yuletide Author,

Dear Yuletide Author,

Because you matched on one of the fandoms I requested you are clearly an awesome person with awesome taste! I am really excited to see whatever you come up with and hope this letter can help you with that if you need and reduce any stress you might end up feeling a bit.

As far as things I like go the general list is:
I am a fan of slash, het, and threesomes/moresomes. Generally I gravitate towards ship fics more and many of my prompts do show that but I would be happy with gen if that is the direction you choose to go in. Rating wise I am fine with anything between PG and NC-17.

Porn related favorites of mine are manhandling, rough sex, public sex, teasing, getting caught in the act, clothes sharing, possessiveness/jealousy, knotting, and scent marking.

If you aren’t a porn writer and would prefer not to write it I wouldn’t mind either! I don’t want to make you feel pressured at all and just wanted to put it out there that I am open to it.

As far as story likes go I enjoy hurt/comfort (not too particular on how that happens, injury, sickness, kidnapping/rescue – I love all scenarios), team work/ensemble fics, angst with a happy ending, kidfic (more the process of having a child/how it changes a person’s life than focus on the child – plus men with babies is a weakness of mine) – fine with regular pregnancy/mpreg/adoption, supernatural elements (werewolves, shifters, mutants, wings – none of these fandoms are really supernatural in nature so I would love to see how that changes things), secret relationships that get found out and the fall out from that, reunification fic, falling into a relationship without knowing it, soulbonding/soulmates (all the different ways – recognizing them on first touch/appearance, names on bodies, hearing their voice, etc – I am such a sucker for all these kind of fics), domesticity/building a life together, and end of the world scenarios.

I also really really love crossovers, and will have some crossover prompts at the end of this letter!

And my dislikes are:
humiliation, unequal relationships, permanent injury, slavery, crack/extreme fluff, major character death, unhappy endings, infidelity/partner betrayal, character bashing, and a/b/o tropes where omega’s are put down (I read a lot of a/b/o fics because one of my favorite kinks often appears in it and have discovered a lot of my dislikes like humiliation and unequal relationships appear that make me backspace – basically anything where omega’s are treated as second class citizens or demeaned is a dislike from me, if that’s not include I’d be fine with fic using the trope).


I love all these fandoms pretty equally and would not have requested each one if I didn’t want a story for it. Some prompts have been repeated from past years at this exchange or others, some sound similar to ones I’ve given in other fandoms, and in general I wouldn’t be opposed if a prompt/idea in one fandom was used for a story in another.

My general process for picking which fandoms I want to request and then asking myself the simple question of “If I got a fic in this fandom over another would I be disappointed”. Which is my roundabout way of saying I would be absolutely happy to receive fic in any of my requested fandoms.

Fast and the Furious (2001)

Every year I’ve participated in Yuletide I’ve requested this fandom and I’ve adored the stories I’ve gotten for it. This is a fandom I will never get tired of and will always be overjoyed to receive new fics for. In particular I crave and am excited for fics more focused on this movie.

I adore this series but this is the movie that started it all and it has a special place in my heart. I love how simple (compared to later films) it is and how character driven the plot was. When trying to get a friend to watch this movie I told her it was basically a love story with fast cars and pretty people.

I really adore Brian, especially in this movie he became my favorite character in the series. I love the way he’s introduced in this film and how he makes the decision to let Dom go. How desperately he didn’t want it to be Dom doing the heists and the moment between them when Dom finds out he’s a cop.

I definitely ship Brian/Dom and would love anything with them during or after the movie ends. For after the movie I definitely have a thing for FBI Agent Brian (just as reckless in the FBI as he is racing), a lot of prompts reflect that and really anything that works that in would be great. Feel free to add in references to future movies or set a whole new stage for them. While I have some prompts listed below I wouldn’t mind any ideas that use my above likes.

Characters Requested – Brian O’Connor, Dominic Toretto
Favorite Ships and Relationships – Brian/Dom, Brian/Dom/Letty, Brian + Letty friendship
Characters not requested but that I enjoy -Letty Ortiz, Mia Toretto

  • After the movie Brian and Dom go their separate ways (Brian to the FBI, Dom and his crew into hiding). Next time they meet Dom (and his crew) are brought in to help with a dangerous case in exchange for their freedom. Dom discovers they are working with Brian and that he was the one to make the deal for them. Tension between Brian and Dom and Dom seeing Brian in his element (maybe even Brian getting in danger and Dom being there to rescue him).
  • A fic set post the movie where Brian destroys or cover up the evidence against Dom and his crew. Instead of running Dom finds out (maybe from Mia) that the cops don’t have anything against them and it’s pretty clear Brian is responsible for that. How would things be different (grieving for Jesse, Vince healing in the hospital, the group going to find Brian, would love if it showed Brian’s competency at his job because he knows how to bury everything they have against them.) Really, anything with a different take on the end of the first movie.
  • Brian and Dom actually got together during the events of the movie and when Brian gets shot while working his emergency contact is a Toretto (either Dom or Mia, with Mia calling Dom to let him know).
  • A Sense8 fusion where if either before, during, or after the movie a new cluster is born that contains Brian and Dom (bonus for Letty and future characters like Han, Gisele, Roman, etc). How do they navigate things now that they are inside each other’s heads (before the movie Brian getting assigned to the case and recognizing Dom, during the movie Dom finding out Brian is undercover because of the bond, or after they reconnect seeing the affect the other has had on their lives).
  • Any and all AUs, in particular I love Space and Royalty AUs (Brian would make a pretty princess).
  • Mia is robbed at gun point in the store and someone calls the police, enter officer O'Connor who even with Dom's total distrust of cops impresses with the calm professional way he treats Mia, the way he doesn't take any crap from an obviously jealous Vince or the rest of the team and how he sees Dom not as an ex-con but as a brother and business owner who's been the victim of a violent crime. Brian begins stopping by the store regularly for lunch and to check on the neighborhood which Dom finds he appreciates and respects and soon Brian is starting to become a member of their group hanging out at the house or garage and even attending races with them when he's off duty, but what happens when Brian starts to hear talk around his precinct about hijackings and undercover joint FBI operations that may involve the Torreto's. (a prompt I really liked taken from the Fast and Furious kink meme)

    The Maze Runner (Movies)

    I enjoyed these movies so much. I've watched both The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials, I have not read the books (currently on chapter 5 in book 1 and making no progress) but I don't mind book spoilers if that's what works for you better.

    Characters Requested – Thomas, Minho
    Favorite Ships – Thomas/Minho
    Characters not requested but that I enjoy – Newt, Brenda

  • Would love to see there time in the maze expanded on or even a developing relationship from the first movie to the second
  • Soulmates (where they recognize each other as soon as Thomas comes up)
  • Thomas overworking himself and getting sick or exhausted - Minho making him slow down/taking care of him and the others till Thomas feels better
  • Crossover with The Walking Dead, where they get out of the maze and there are zombies (bonus them being immune). Also a huge fan of random family connections so Thomas being Rick Grimes son would be a delight to read.

    Mad Max (Movies)

    Characters Requested – Max, The Splendid Angharad
    Favorite Ships – Max/Furiosa, Max/Angharad, Max/The Wives
    Characters not requested but that I enjoy – Furiosa, Toast, Capable, all the wives really

  • Angharad didn't die and/or had her baby before the fall from the truck and Max and the wives take care of/protect him. She could have gone into labor early and had the baby in the truck and either Max or one of the wives took it after the fall.
  • Post movie where Angharad lives and her and Max form a friendship (along with Max and the wives) and convinces him to stay and help rebuild thing.

    Sense8 (TV)

    Characters Requested – Will Gorski
    Favorite Ships and Relationships – Will/Wolfgang, Will/Lito, Will/Lito/Wolfgang, Will/Lito/Hernando, Will/Wolfgang/Kala, Will/Riley, Will + Kala, Will + Nomi
    Characters not nominated but that I enjoy - Wolfgang, Lito, Kala, Riley

  • Riley taking Will to Lito's after the events of season 1 as a safe house, Wolfgang arriving there for the same reasons.
  • Will and Kala interacting, I imagine she would have the solution to keeping Whispers at bay and her comforting Will and Will encouraging her to do what makes her happy. The show did not give enough of them and I think it would be lovely to see them bond.
  • Anything Will/Wolfgang happening over the events of the show (they end up cuddling is a favorite trope of mine) or even in the future as their cluster becomes closer and immediate threats are gone. How do they relate, are they more similiar than either thought.

    Thank you again for writing for me and for reading all of this or even bits of it! If you got my assignment, are a pinch hitter, a treater...just really thank you. Feel free to take from this letter what you need, don't feel bad about leaving things out or not sticking to a prompt if its not working for you. At the end of the day I would love if you enjoyed writing a fic for me as much as I am going to enjoy reading it.

    Finally, if at any time you have any questions about my likes/dislikes or need some more help feel free to contact witchyemerald, they know me pretty well and should be of some help if you need it.

    Just saw I went to the emergency pinch hit list and I just wanted to say whoever has taken me on thank you so much and I truly look forward to whatever you come up and whatever you are inspired to write, especially in such a short amount of time. I am so incredibly grateful you are spending your time writing a story for me.
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