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Dear Shipswap Author

Dear Author,

First off, I am sorry about how late this has been, thanks you for being patient with me. I am so incredibly excited to see whatever you decide to write. I hope this letter can help even a little bit give you some direction and cut down on any stress you might feel.

I am generally easy to please, I like fan fiction, I read a lot of it. All the fandoms/pairings I choose are ones I love or know I could love (for those I haven’t seen much of).

I included some specific likes/dislikes in my optional details but I will go ahead and repeat them here.

As far as things I like go the general list is:
Rating wise I am fine with anything between PG and NC-17. Porn related favorites of mine are manhandling, rough sex, public sex, teasing, getting caught in the act, clothes sharing, possessiveness/jealousy.

If you aren’t a porn writer and would prefer not to write it I wouldn’t mind either! I don’t want to make you feel pressured at all and just wanted to put it out there that I am open to it.

As far as story likes go I enjoy hurt/comfort (not too particular on how that happens, injury, sickness, kidnapping/rescue – I love all scenarios), team work/ensemble fics, angst with a happy ending, kidfic (more the process of having a child/how it changes a person’s life than focus on the child) – fine with regular pregnancy/mpreg/adoption, supernatural elements (werewolves, shifters, mutants, wings), secret relationships that get found out and the fall out from that, pretending to be a couple where real feelings develop, falling into a relationship without knowing it, soulbonding/soulmates (I adore this one so much), and end of the world scenarios.

And my dislikes are:
humiliation, unequal relationships, permanent injury, slavery, crack, pure fluff, major character death, unhappy endings, infidelity/partner betrayal, enemies that stay enemies, character bashing, and a/b/o (where there is major focus on omega’s being suppressed or a society that looks down on them).


I love all these fandoms pretty equally and would not have requested each one if I didn’t want a story for it. Some prompts have been repeated from past years at this exchange or others, some sound similar to ones I’ve given in other fandoms, and in general I wouldn’t be opposed if a prompt/idea in one fandom was used for a story in another.

Marvel Cinematic Universe
Pairings Requested
- Bucky/Steve/Tony
- Bucky/Clint/Tony

Tony Stark is my favorite characters in the MCU verse and I’ve loved Sebastian Stan since The Covenant so I was excited to see him play Bucky. Tony/Bucky is a favorite ship of mine in its own right but I really adore both of these threesomes. Bucky/Steve/Tony is something I’ve already seen done fantastically and it helps that I also ship Steve/Tony so this pairing works so well for me. I have not seen much of Bucky/Clint/Tony but when I saw the pairing listed I badly wanted to, I’ve enjoyed writing for Tony/Clint in the past so it works for me. Really, I would be absolutely thrilled to get either of these pairings.

PROMPTS (Bucky/Steve/Tony )
  • Steve coming to Tony to help him find Bucky and/or Tony finds Bucky first (or even Bucky finds Tony and they get to know each other).
  • SHIELD brought in the Winter Soldier and it’s Bucky that goes undercover as Tony’s assistant. Steve is brought out of the ice to a Tony and Bucky that have already gotten together or are on the cusp of getting together.
  • The three of them get trapped together and rely on each other, would love Bucky saving the day.
  • Soulmates AU, where Steve and Bucky were/are soulmates but always knew there was someone missing (there being a third person being rare but not unheard of). Steve finds Tony and when he brings Bucky in they decide to do something about it (oblivious or in denial Tony).

    PROMPTS (Bucky/Clint/Tony)
  • After Avengers Clint has trouble staying with SHIELD and Tony offers him a job as his personal bodyguard/weapons tester). When Bucky pops up on SHIELD’s radar Tony takes it upon himself to rescue him (dragging Clint along because he knows all about brainwashing).
  • Bucky moves into the Avengers tower and feeling more like his old self starts putting the moves on Tony and Clint.
  • Tony is kidnapped, Bucky and Clint come to the rescue.
  • Soulmates idea from above, only Bucky never knew his until he meets both Tony and Clint.

    - For and of these I don’t mind Tony/Bucky/Steve/Clint or Natasha thrown in as well.

    Arrow (TV 2012)
    Pairings Requested
    - Oliver Queen/Slade Wilson
    - Oliver Queen/Tommy Meryln/Laurel Lance
    - Oliver Queen/Sara Lance

    I have not seen any of the current season but will try my best to catch up.

    I really adore Oliver Queen and the different relationships he’s formed with the characters on the show. I love the fact that he’s both hard and soft, that he’s a killer and a hero. I’ve really enjoyed seeing him deal with the things that happened to him those 5 years and how it changed him from a carefree rich kid to a hardened warrior.

    For Oliver and Slade I would love if they weren’t enemies. Their relationship on the island has been one of my favorite things about the show and I would love to see more of that comradence. Slade being a mentor to Oliver and knowing the person he’s become.

    I just really adore Oliver/Tommy/Laurel and would love to see them making it work. I think there is so much history between the three of them and that together they could be great. I’d love to see Tommy and Laurel knowing how Oliver was before and learning who he is now as the Vigilante (would love anything where Tommy lives as well and both him and Laurel know and help Oliver).

    Finally, Oliver/Sara is a pairing that took me by surprise in the show but I love so much. I think Sara is so amazing and is a beautiful person. I think her and Oliver work really well after the island and everything they both went through. I would love to see them continue to grow together and battle the darkness they’ve faced and be heroes.

    PROMPTS (Oliver/Slade)
  • Oliver was able to cure Slade back on the island, Slade forgave him, Oliver made her Slade got off the island though by thinking he was dead. When he comes back to life Slade comes to find him, would love a reunion fic where Slade helps Oliver.
  • AU, Oliver wasn’t on the Queen’s Gambit. Instead he gets a wakeup call about his life after he’s kidnapped and tortured. Looking for a way to take back control he looks for someone to train him and ends up meeting Slade Wilson. They get to know each other.
  • While trying to clean up the city Oliver keeps getting saved by someone with a familiar voice.
  • Oliver doesn’t come back from the Island alone.

    PROMPTS (Oliver/Tommy/Laurel)
  • They started a relationship before the Island and when Oliver comes back try to find a way to get to know each other all again (bonus Tommy and Laurel reacting to Oliver’s scars and new sleeping habits).
  • Tommy doesn’t die and instead insists on helping Oliver. When Oliver gets kidnapped and no one on his team can help Tommy goes to Laurel and tells her everything.
  • Oliver, Tommy, and Laurel decide to move in together. Would love to see them trying to navigate making a home together and being domestic (with bonus vigilantism and working as a team).
  • Oliver starts training Laurel and Tommy decides he wants to give it a try.

    PROMPTS (Oliver/Sara)
  • The relationship between them is different now, its not sneaking behind her sisters back for a bit of fun, its something real and that both scares and excites Sara.
  • Oliver tries to show Sara that there is just as much light and goodness in her that she sees in him.
  • Anything with Laurel involved in a non antagnostic way. Where they all come clean and forgive each other and move on. Light ribbing and teasing, Sara and Oliver dealing with guilt (because they should feel guilty), but Lance sisters being amazing together and forgiving each other and Oliver being in love with both of them (in different ways if needed, but also not opposed to Sara/Oliver/Laurel)
  • Oliver and Sara dealing with an unexpected pregnancy

    - For any of these I would not mind mixtures of Oliver/Sara/Laurel, Oliver/Sara/Nyssa, Oliver/Sara/Slade, Oliver/Sara/Tommy/Laurel, honestly I am so easy to please and the more people loving Sara (and Oliver) the merrier.

    Other characters I love are Thea, Moira, Shado, Quentin, Nyssa, Diggle, Felicity, pretty much the entire Arrow team.

    Shameless (US)
    Pairings Requested
    - Fiona Gallagher/Jimmy Lishman

    Fiona Gallagher is such an amazing person and one of my favorite characters ever. I am caught up with the show and will be throughout this season so don’t be worried about spoilers.

    Even with all the problems Fiona and Jimmy just work really well together and I believe there is genuine love there. I love him best when he decides to stay and help her, when he is there for her and willing to build a life with her. I think she loves him in a way she will never love anyone else and she deserves so much to be happy.

    PROMPTS (Fiona/Jimmy )
  • Fiona finds out Frank has another kid out there (between infant to young child age) and steps forward to care for them with Jimmy by her side every step of the way.
  • What if Jimmy has stayed. What happened with Liam never happened and he’s there to help Fiona, Lip going off to college, Ian dealing with mental health issues, and in general helps her deal with the Gallagher kids.
  • Unexpect pregnancy, Fiona tells Jimmy and they decide what to do together.
  • Current season, Jimmy stays, they get back together, and he helps Fiona get back control of her family and plan a future together.

    - I’ve really adored how Fiona and Lip’s relationship has grown over the past few seasons and would love any inclusion of him, being there for Fiona, interacting with Jimmy (even playing the overprotective brother role).

    I also would not mind Mickey being added (I have a weakness for Fiona treating Mickey like one of her kids).

    Fast and the Furious Series
    Pairings Requested
    - Brian O’Connor/Letty Ortiz/Dominic Toretto
    - Brian O’Connor/Dominic Toretto/Mia Toretto

    I’ve requested this fandom so many times for exchanges and have been absolutely happy everytime I’ve gotten a fic for it. It’s a longtime favorite of mine and at this point I’ve read and reread most of the Brian/Dom fics out there. Lately, though I’ve really been getting into threesomes for them.

    For Brian/Letty/Dom I would really love to see the relationship between Brian and Letty explored more. It’s something we never really got in canon and I think they’d have a lot in common and work out really well together with Dom. Most of the slash fics either set her as an antagonistic force for them or writes her out and I would love so much to see her and Brian on the same side.

    It’s the same with Mia a lot, and I think she brings something incredible to a relationship between the three of them. I don’t mind incest if you want to go that route but I also don’t mind Dom and Mia being more platonic while sharing Brian. Honestly either is amazing.

    PROMPTS (Brian/Letty/Dom )
  • Letty working undercover for Brian and how they grow closer because of that. Past Brian/Dom relationship that makes Letty want to explore things with Brian. She manages to get the charges against Dom dropped and he comes back to them.
  • Set in the first movie where Dom and Letty bring Brian into their relationship. When things go down he destroys the evidence against them.
  • Letty never died and is on the run with Mia, Dom, and Brian. Would love for her to start to get to know Brianl. (Absolutely open to Dom/Brian/Mia/Letty).
  • Letty starts to remember things about Dom, about Brian, about Brian and Dom and her. They never pushed her to but once she does she wants her life back.

    PROMPTS (Brian/Dom/Mia)
  • A fic set post the movie where Brian destroys or cover up the evidence against Dom and his crew. Instead of running Dom finds out from Mia that the cops don’t have anything against them and it’s pretty clear Brian is responsible for that. How would things be different (grieving for Jesse, Vince healing in the hospital, the group going to find Brian, would love if it showed Brian’s competency at his job because he knows how to bury everything they have against them.) Really, anything with a different take on the end of the first movie.
  • When Dom and Mia meet Brian they both recognize him as theirs (soulmates AU).
  • Years after the first movie Mia is brought into the FBI for protection and Dom and his team is given a chance to clear their names by working a case against a criminal. They meet the agent already undercover. Brian didn’t expect to see them and old feelings come back. Bonus them seeing Brian being a badass FBI agent (and throwing himself in danger).
  • Brian, Dom, and Mia settle down during Mia’s pregnancy and decide to raise Jack together, as a family.

    - I love Roman a lot, and Han, and Gisele, Han/Gisele, Elena, really I love anything set after the 1st movies, the 2nd movie (love the Carter Verone storyline), and the 4th-5th movies.

    So, hopefully that helps. I know there is a lot but really I would be absolutely thrilled with anything using my likes. I am currently a huge fan of mpreg/kidfic/pregnancy stuff as well as soulmates and soulbonding but I didn't want to make the prompts all that lol.
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