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Dear Yuletide Author

Dear Author,

First off, I want to say thank you for writing for me this year. Yuletide is one of my favorite challenges and I am really excited to see whatever you come up with. I apologize in advance if you have any stress at all and hopefully this letter at least helps a little.

As far as things I like go the general list is:
I like everything from slash to het to threesomes (huge fan of those! lol). Rating wise I am fine with anything between PG and NC-17. Porn related favorites of mine are manhandling, rough sex, public sex, teasing, getting caught in the act, clothes sharing, possessiveness/jealousy.

If you aren’t a porn writer and would prefer not to write it I wouldn’t mind either! I don’t want to make you feel pressured at all and just wanted to put it out there that I am open to it.

As far as story likes go I enjoy hurt/comfort (not too particular on how that happens, injury, sickness, kidnapping/rescue – I love all scenarios), team work/ensemble fics, angst with a happy ending, kidfic (more the process of having a child/how it changes a person’s life than focus on the child) – fine with regular pregnancy/mpreg/adoption, supernatural elements (werewolves, shifters, mutants, wings), secret relationships that get found out and the fall out from that, pretending to be a couple where real feelings develop, falling into a relationship without knowing it, soulbonding/soulmates, and end of the world scenarios.

I also really love crossovers, and will have some crossover prompts at the end of this letter!

And my dislikes are:
humiliation, unequal relationships, permanent injury, slavery, crack, tooth rotting fluff, major character death, unhappy endings, infidelity/partner betrayal, and a/b/o (where there is major focus on omega’s being suppressed or a society that looks down on them).


I love all these fandoms pretty equally and would not have requested each one if I didn’t want a story for it. Some prompts have been repeated from past years at this exchange or others, some sound similar to ones I’ve given in other fandoms, and in general I wouldn’t be opposed if a prompt/idea in one fandom was used for a story in another.

Fast and the Furious (2001)

Every year I’ve participated in Yuletide I’ve requested this fandom and I’ve adored the stories I’ve gotten for it. This is one of the fandoms of my heart and I am so incredibly happy it was accepted this year.

My favorite character is Brian O’Conner. I love the way he’s introduced in this film and the decisions he makes. I love that there is so much we still don’t know about him and the possibilities for his backstory. I also love how competent he is as a cop and would love to know more about that side of him.

I definitely ship Brian/Dom and have enjoyed them from the beginning. Brian was pulled into Dom’s gravity and because of him he went against his fellow cops. I also like how Dom pulled him into the group and integrated him into his family so easily. I would love anything focused on the two of them.

Characters Requested – Brian O’Connor, Dominic Toretto
Favorite Ships and Relationships – Brian/Dom, Brian/Dom/Letty, Brian/Dom/Letty/Mia
Characters not requested but that I enjoy -Letty Ortiz, Mia Toretto

  • A fic set post the movie where Brian destroys or cover up the evidence against Dom and his crew. Instead of running Dom finds out (maybe from Mia) that the cops don’t have anything against them and it’s pretty clear Brian is responsible for that. How would things be different (grieving for Jesse, Vince healing in the hospital, the group going to find Brian, would love if it showed Brian’s competency at his job because he knows how to bury everything they have against them.) Really, anything with a different take on the end of the first movie.
  • Dom and Brian meeting a different way than they did in the movie.
  • Set anywhere after Fast and Furious series. Things are great until Brian starts to have night terrors and flashbacks from when he was in deep undercover for five years. (up to author what undercover is) PTSD, old enemies show their faces, murder and mayhem, suspense.
  • Next time Brian and Dom meet Brian is with the FBI and Dom (and his crew) are brought in to help with one of his more dangerous cases and promised freedom. Tension between Brian and Dom and Dom seeing Brian in his element (maybe even Brian getting in danger and Dom being there to rescue him).
  • Any and all AUs, in particular I love Space and Royalty AUs (Brian would make a pretty princess).
  • Mia is robbed at gun point in the store and someone calls the police, enter officer O'Connor who even with Dom's total distrust of cops impresses with the calm professional way he treats Mia, the way he doesn't take any crap from an obviously jealous Vince or the rest of the team and how he sees Dom not as an ex-con but as a brother and business owner who's been the victim of a violent crime. Brian begins stopping by the store regularly for lunch and to check on the neighborhood which Dom finds he appreciates and respects and soon Brian is starting to become a member of their group hanging out at the house or garage and even attending races with them when he's off duty, but what happens when Brian starts to hear talk around his precinct about hijackings and undercover joint FBI operations that may involve the Torreto's. (another one from the kink meme)

    The Flash

    I am so very glad my friend talked me into watching this show earlier than I had planned! I absolutely adore it and its everything I loved about shows like Smallville and Arrow. Barry is an absolutely amazing character and I love his dorkiness and his vulnerability. I love that he is so much a hero and it’s not in a tortured or conflicted way, it’s very ingrained in who he is.

    What surprised me the most about this show is how much I adore the relationship between Barry and Joe. I did not expect to get such an amazing father-son relationship from this show. Each episode I live in fear they are going to kill Joe and I don’t want that. I loved Joe’s reaction to seeing Barry as the Flash and how much he believes in him. I love that Barry is Joe’s son and everyone knows that (including Barry and Joe).

    Characters Requested – Barry Allen, Joe West
    Favorite Ships – Barry/Iris, Barry/Oliver
    Characters not requested but that I enjoy – Iris West, Oliver Queen

  • Anything dealing with the months Barry was in a coma and the fall out from that when he wakes up. The show brushed over this pretty quickly and I would love to see the grief and then the joy when Barry wakes up. Protectiveness on Joe’s part would be great, Barry gets back to work pretty quickly and doesn’t seem to take much time to recover.
  • I love the way the people at the station treat Iris because she’s Joe’s daughter and would love to see Barry getting the same treatment. Maybe someone new joins and talks down to Barry and realizes how much they fucked up when seeing Barry and Joe together.
  • Would absolutely love Barry/Oliver, with Joe meeting Oliver. There is not enough of this pairing and I spend much of the first episode wondering how Joe would react to meeting Oliver, especially in a comprising position. It would be hilarious too if Joe made Oliver as the Arrow (knowing that Barry is a superhero now and spent some time in Oliver’s city, where they is another vigilante running around).
  • Iris finds out about Barry being the Flash and finds out her father has known this whole time. Would love to see Joe talking to her about Barry (especially if she’s angry and hurt and he defends Barry) and the West family coming together to support him.
  • Barry and Joe trapped together, Barry hurt or can’t use his abilities and Joe saves them both.

    Ultimate Spider-Man (Cartoon)

    I never thought I’d request a cartoon for Yuletide but here I am. I absolutely adore this show and it surprised me so much. This was my “show to watch when I didn’t have anything else to watch” show and it took me months to finish it but I enjoyed it so much. It’s probably my favorite version of Spider-Man that’s out there and I love it’s take on the marvel universe.

    I requested Peter and Harry because that was the part of the show I kept wanting more from. I just love their friendship so much and how much it weighs on Peter that he’s lying to him. I want a big reveal, I want Harry accepting Peter, I want Harry getting himself involved in Peter’s world, and I want these boys being stupidly in love with each other and always putting each other first. I also would not mind seeing Peter’s team being a part of this, Coulson, Aunt May, Fury.

    Characters Requested – Peter Parker, Harry Osborn
    Favorite Ships – Peter/Harry
    Characters not requested but that I enjoy – Phil Coulson, Aunt May, Nick Fury, Tony Stark (okay really any of the superheroes Peter fanboys all over)

  • Harry finds out Peter’s secret but doesn’t really have time to get angry about it because Peter’s hurt and Harry demands to be there for him. Would love to see bedside confessions and Harry talking/arguing with Fury and getting to know Peter’s team . Peter recovering, Harry coming to terms with it, sitting with Peter and his team at lunch and helping him keep his secret, worrying about him when he’s on missions and trying to get as involved as possible. Really anything dealing with Harry knowing.
  • Or even Harry knowing from the start, Peter never kept it a secret from him.
  • Secret boyfriends, because I love this trope and it would be so entertaining to see them keeping it from everyone so they have something just for themselves.
  • After high school graduation Harry and Peter decide to move in together and find themselves falling into a relationship without realizing it (domesticity yes!).
  • Continuing the living together theme maybe after Harry’s dad disappears Harry moves in with the Parkers (Aunt May has to be great at taking in strats by now) and it becomes harder for Peter to keep secrets from him (both the fact that he’s Spider-Man and that he’s in love with him).
  • Anything involving Coulson/Aunt May and Peter dealing with both his horror of it and happiness to see his Aunt happy.
  • Peter joining the Avengers team and learning how to work with them.

    Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles

    I just got done rewatching season 1 so most of my requests are going to focus on that (I am going to try to rewatch season 2 but at the moment its been awhile since I’ve seen it so I’m not too clear on the charaters/plot other than the very last scene lol). I really love this show and am always going to be sad about the fact it was cancelled. I was hooked from the opening dialogue (Sarah talking about sharing a nightmare with her son before he was born, I get shivers everytime I hear it!)

    I love this version of John Connor. I love that he’s just a kid in an extremely fucked up situation and all he wants is to have a normal life and escape the destiny he’s always had. It’s clear how much Sarah loves him and I adore the relationship between them too.

    The reason I requested John and Derek is because it’s my favorite relationship in the entire show. My favorite scene in the show was when Derek revealed he knew John was Kyle’s son. I would absolutely love to see this explored more.

    I also have a fascination with Kyle Reese (especially with the reveal that Derek is his brother) so a lot of prompts include him too.

    In general I really adore the team ofJohn/Derek/Sarah/Cameron that the first season gave us, I think they work well together and wouldn’t mind seeing anything with them. (I don’t mind any ships, ship anyone with anyone if you want to)

    Characters Requested – John Connor, Derek Reese
    Characters not nominated but that I enjoy Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese, Cameron

  • Anything post season 1 with an alternative season 2 (without the season 2 characters). Derek learning to be John’s uncle and helping the Connors stop Skynet.
  • They stop Skynet and John and Derek no longer have the future looming over them. How do they learn how to live a normal life (either Sarah makes it and Derek co-parents with her or something happens to her and Derek steps in to raise John).
  • Kyle being alive in the past, maybe he never died and finds Sarah and John again, only this time Derek is with them – or a different version of him jumps into the future and Derek and John deal.
  • Post season 2 finale, John finds a way to jump back to his time and Derek (and Kyle!) accompany him.
  • AU, because AU’s are fun. No Skynet, no robots. Just Derek finding out that Kyle had a kid with a woman named Sarah Connor before he died and goes to meet his nephew.
  • Picking up where John is in the future with people who don’t know his name. John sticks close to theReese boys and proves himself quickly to be more than competent. Would love to see a reversal where John is hurt and they find out Derek and Kyle are a match for his blood. That the blood more than matches, that John is Kyle’s son.
  • The moment when Derek figures out that John is Kyle’s son and how he observes him and puts together the pieces of his life and who John is, how he goes from being a stranger to him so someone he wants to protect because he’s family.

    Thank you again for writing for me! If you got my assignment, are a pinch hitter, a treater...just really thank you. Feel free to take from this letter what you need, don't feel bad about leaving things out or not sticking to a prompt if its not working for you.

    Also, you at anytime have any questions about my likes/dislikes or need some more help feel free to contact witchyemerald, they know me pretty well and should be of some help if you need it.
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