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Dear Rarewoman Author

Dear rarewomen Author,

First, I want to say thank you for whatever you are able to write for me! Several of the characters/fandoms I requested last year so I am copying a lot of stuff from there (because I still adore them!) I am pretty easy to please and will be excited with whatever you decide to write! Will have more prompts added in tomorrow, for now I need to sleep but I wanted to get this up before I went to bed.

General Likes
Generally, for the women below I tend to love to read gen and het stories. I am a huge fan of anything that focuses on their families or their friendships with others, and with the ships given how their romantic relationships are accepted/a part of those friendships.

As far as common fic tropes go I really like kidfic (through adoptions/fostering/pregnancy) and would not say no to anything that handles that. I enjoy more the process of how a person’s live and a couple’s relationship changes because of parenthood, either before or during. I also am a huge fan of hurt/comfort. Other likes are anything with supernatural elements, soulbonding, empathy or telepathy (and other mutant like abilities), wingfic, end of the world scenarios, angst with a happy/positive ending. I enjoy fusion fics too (lately I’ve loved anything that fuses another fandom with His Dark Materials –as far as characters having daemons go, Sentinel/Guide tropes, and anyone being a Slayer (Buffy style) is great as well! I also love crossovers (anything with Buffy) – Buffy Summers is my favorite character). As well as any of the fandoms below crossed over with each other.

As far as dislikes go I am not a fan of humiliation of any kind or unequal relationships. Of the fandoms listed I generally love all the characters so I don’t like any kind of character bashing. While I enjoy crack and fluff sometimes I don’t really like anything that is extremely cracky or anything that is pure fluff. I am not too intereted in background stories, I enjoy the characters from when canon shows them and on, but if that is the way you are inspired I won't be upset!


Characters Requested
- Sara Lance

I requested her last year and my request was basically "don't know much about her, it would be great if she had survived!). So I am ecstatic with how things have turned out and her character has quickly become one of my favorites. I love her inclusion on Team Arrow. I enjoy seeing how she interacts with Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity (and now Roy, it was brief but amazing!). I love how she went from being this sweet fuck up to assassin woman with regrets about what she had turned into. I adore her interactions with her father and Laurel, and would love anything with them as well.

Shipping wise I am in love with her relationship with Oliver and thing they balance each other really well. They are both so similar and what they've gone through (from before the Island to becoming what they are and hiding it from those they are closest to) make that relationship more fascinating. I don't mind them as just friends as well. As far as Sara/Nyssa goes I know its popular and I like it but prefer it as a past relationship (although I wouldn't mind it as a future one, I just really enjoy the Sara that is currently in canon).

Favorite Pairings
Sara/Oliver, Sara/Oliver/Slade, Sara/Oliver/Anyone really :D

Least Favorite Pairings/Characters
Sara/Sin, Oliver/Felicity (I like the pairing, I just feel like everything for Arrow is them now and I want other things - in general I am feeling a little Felicity fatigue in the fandom).

  • Sara's father and Laurel find out Oliver's secret and by extension hers (for Quentin that Sara is working with Oliver whose the vigilante, for Laurel all of it). How Sara deals with both of them knowing the full truth. (Maybe the secret identities of the cities vigilantes is somehow revealed, the fall out from that).
  • Sara/Oliver, the relationship is different now, its not sneaking behind her sisters back for a bit of fun, its something real and that both scares and excites Sara.
  • Sara working with Team Arrow, training with Oliver and Diggle, teaching Felicity self defense and having her in her ear on missions, working side by side with Roy and helping him cope with his rage.
  • Slade never wanted revenge on Oliver, instead they think he died on the island. He comes back and becomes apart of the relationship between Sara and Oliver (previous Oliver/Slade, new Sara/Slade, then all three of them together).

    On going canon thoughts/prompts:
    Season 2 current thoughts
    [Prompts contain spoilers for the most current episodes]
    - I am completely terrified Sara is going to be killed on the show, things are good with her sister, Sin and her reunited, Slade is being all threatening. So really would prefer anything that has her not dying and being a part of Team Arrow.

    Teen Wolf (TV)
    Characters Requested
    - Cora Hale
    - Erica Reyes

    A huge part of my dissatisfaction with the show comes from whats been done with these two characters. I never expected to even like them and ended up adoring them both. I love Cora's inclusion in the show, I think she had the perfect sass of a Hale and her interactions with Derek were amazing. Erica was absolutely amazing and there was so much that could have been done with her. I love that she went from living a life in fear of her illness to being this confidant and beautiful werewolf. I also adore her relationship with Boyd and wish there would have been more of it.

    Favorite Pairings
    Cora/Stiles, Cora/Stiles/Derek, Erica/Boyd, Erica/Stiles, Erica/Stiles/Derek

    Least Favorite Pairings/Characters
    either with Isaac or Scott.

  • Anything about Cora and Derek's relationship after he saves her, would love if she decided to stay with him and came back to Beacon Hills with him.
  • Erica learning to be a part of the pack, and her relationships with Isaac, Boyd, and Derek developing as they grow stronger together.
  • Cora/Stiles, she is enrolled in the high school and her and Stiles find themselves drifting together. He's one of the few people she knows and trusts, he doesn't like seeing her alone. They end of starting a relationship.
  • Erica/Boyd, from when they went from training together to wanting to just spend time together, how they survived the alphas and how they came out stronger because of it (ignoring bad things that happen in season 3A and Derek and the rest saving them, or them saving themselves). In particular how Erica feels having someone that is just hers, that sees her and wants her.

    On going canon thoughts/prompts:
    I am completely caught up on the show, no desire to see anything from the current season really.

    Characters Requested
    - Fiona Gallagher
    - Veronica Fisher

    Favorite Pairings
    Fiona/Happiness, Fiona/Jimmy, Veronica/Kevin

    Least Favorite Pairings/Characters
    Fiona/Jerks, Veronica/Anyone but Kevin

    I adore this show so much, and while Fiona is my absolute favorite character I couldn’t resist adding Veronica too because I adore her and would love to see something as well. What I love most about these two is their friendship and how they support each other. I admit this season in particular my heart has been breaking for Fiona and I've grown to love Veronica even more!

    I love the way Fiona steps up for her family and continually keeps things going, no matter what she has to do. It’s painful to watch her relationship with her parents, how even though she is the parent in the household she still hopes they will be her parents again and they never fail to let her down. I love her relationship with each of her siblings. I also enjoy her relationship with Jimmy (Steve) and how she lets herself be a little vulnerable with him. (I don't want to acknowledge recent events that have happened with Liam, lalalala Fionaisawesome show stop it!)

    As for Veronica again I adore her friendship with Fiona, and how she’s not bothered by helping her time after time, because Fiona and the Gallaghers are just as much her family. I also love her relationship with Kevin, they are amazing together and while sometimes he seems annoyed by the Gallaghers its never come across as really negative. I have loved seeing her come into her own and how ready she is to tackle parenthood with him by her side.

  • Anything based on Fiona and Veronica’s friendship. How they fight together, how they support each other, how the men in their lives respect their relationship
  • Veronica/Kevin and parenthood, anything dealing with them caring for the infants they are expecting and the one her mom is having for them. If anyone could make it work it would be them.
  • Fiona finds out Frank has another kid out there that the mother either doesn't want or can no longer take care of. She can't turn her back on another Gallagher and takes them in (any sex is fine, prefer for them to be younger than Debbie and Carl) while dealing with Frank.
  • Current season setting with Fiona instead not messing up and being her usual badass self. Being their for Debbie and what she's going through, dealing with her fathers declining health and shielding the kids from them, bringing Ian back home and getting his life back on track.

    On going canon thoughts/prompts:
    current season
    [Prompts contain spoilers for the most current episodes]
    - 3/9/14 - I haven't seen tonights episode yet but should in the next couple of days.

    The Originals (TV)
    Characters Requested
    - Hayley Marshall
    - Rebekah Mikaelson

    These two are one of my favorite things about this show. I love how strong each is and how they both refuse are caught up with Klaus but are determined to be their own person. I also love the relationship both have with Elijah. I would enjoy anything about Hayley being a werewolf, her pregnancy and how she is preparing for motherhood and protecting her daughter, and her inclusion as a part of the Original family (maybe even choosing them if she has to make a choice). As far as Rebekah goes I love how strong she is and would love to see anything about her finding someone to love her and treat her right, about her relationship with her brothers, and about her relationship with Hayley and her future niece (would she be worried the child would be just another woman for Klaus to abuse?).

    Klaus is a very important figure in both their lives and I don't necessarily hate him, I just feel he has a tendency to abuse those around him and sees himself as the victim when he's the one victimizing everyone. I wouldn't mind seeing a version of him whose realized that he's not entitled to loyalty and love, but must earn in - especially from Hayley and Rebekah.

    I also love the relationship both have with Elijah. The budding romance between him and Hayley, how she's one of the few people she can trust and how he protects her. I love the sibling relationship with Elijah and Rebekah and how they are the ones to really understand what always and forever mean. I would love to see him putting her first and standing beside her.

    A side character I like and would not mind seeing is Davina, I enjoyed in particular Rebekah's sentiment that the women have to stick together.

    Favorite Pairings
    Hayley/Elijah, Hayley/Klaus (a grown up Klaus if that is possible), Hayley/Rebekah, Hayley/Rebekah/Elijah, Rebekah/Stefan, Rebekah/Stefan/Klaus, Rebekah/Elijah, Rebekah/Klaus (again grown up non abusive Klaus).

    Least Favorite Pairings/Characters
    Caroline/Klaus, Rebekah/Marcel

  • After Hayley's daughter in born, how the family deals with caring for an infant.
  • Stefan comes to New Orleans to be with Rebekah (and Klaus). Mostly I just want Rebekah being loved like she deserves.
  • Hayley and Rebekah bonding/working together/running away together. Anything with the two of them being friends (or more).
  • Elijah/Hayley, enter into a relationship with each other.

    On going canon thoughts/prompts:
    current season
    [Prompts contain spoilers for the most current episodes]
    - I am currently caught up till the newest episode. Klaus isn't making me too happy.

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