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Dear Spacer

Dear Spacer,

First off, so sorry this is a so late! I kept procrastination on my sign up right until the deadline and totally forgot about the part where I need to write a little too. I want to say thank you for writing for me and I am really looking forward to whatever you choose to do. No matter what fandom we matched on or one you choose to go with I am going to be really happy!

Hopefully, this letter helps give you a bit of guidance if you get stuck or helps inspire you if you need it! Don’t stress too much about sticking to it, I am pretty easy going and there are a ton more things I enjoy that I am probably going to forget.

As far as things I like go the general list is:
So I am a huge fan of slash ships and listed at least one for each fandom. If that is not your thing or you can’t manage it I absolutely would not mind Gen! I adore gen fics as well and picked the characters I did because I like them. I am a fan of explicit fics so no worries there, but if that is not your things I am fine too! Ratings wise I am good with anything.

As far as story likes go I enjoy hurt/comfort (not too particular on how that happens, injury, sickness, kidnapping/rescue – I love all scenarios), team work/ensemble fics, angst with a happy ending, kidfic (more the process of having a child/how it changes a person’s life than focus on the child) – fine with regular pregnancy/mpreg/adoption, secret relationships that get found out and the fall out from that, pretending to be a couple where real feelings develop, falling into a relationship without knowing it, soulbonding/soulmates, and canon and canon AUs.

I also really love crossovers and wouldn’t mind one at all.

As far as dislikes go these are ones I am pretty firm on:
humiliation, unequal relationships, permanent injury, slavery, extreme fluff, major character death, unhappy endings, infidelity/partner betrayal, and a/b/o (where there is major focus on omega’s being suppressed or a society that looks down on them).


Star Trek Reboot


So this fandom was the one that immediately came to mind when I heard of the exchange. I absolutely adore this series and am so very excited to be able to request it. My favorite character is hands down Kirk (I adore Chris Pine a ridiculous amount). I am a sucker for his character type (sarcastic, a little bit broken, wild, but ultimately a hero). I love his relationships with the other characters in the movie and would love anything about him. Shipping wise I am equally wild about Kirk/Bones and Kirk/Spock (I came into fandom shipping only Kirk/Spock but had some lovely friends who introduced me to Kirk/Bones and now I can’t and won’t choose between the two!). I love the friendships between each ships, for K/S it’s the opposites attract and respect for each other, for K/B it’s the history between them and support.

As far as Bones goes I love his general annoyance with the world around him and competence as a doctor. I enjoy that he is often the voice of reason but still entertains Kirk’s wild antics. Spock is absolutely lovely as well, from being torn between two worlds and how he often toes the line.

I love all the tropes in the fandom: Academy fics, pon farr, Tarus IV, 5 year mission, etc.

Characters Requested – James T. Kirk, Leonard McCoy, Spock
Favorite Ships and Relationships –Kirk/Bones, Kirk/Spock, Kirk/Spock/Bones
Characters not requested but that I enjoy - Nyota Uhura

  • Any pairing – (Tarus IV) I know its been done to death but I enjoy these fics a lot and would never be unhappy to receive one. Anything from the crew finding it to the media finding out and even the children Jim protected contacting him again.
  • George Kirk is found among prisoners that Nero kept over time, Jim and him meeting for the first time (and anything explored after that).
  • Kirk/Bones - Academy era fic, when their relationship started changing.
  • Kirk/Spock – Unaware to them both a bond starts to form between them, it’s already pretty strong when they discover it and they start to explore it.
  • Kirk/Bones – Bones’ daughter comes to live onboard the Enterprise after her mother dies.



    I really loved this show and like most am super bummed there isn't more of it. I love everything about the oddball group of people traveling in space together and forming a family (I grew up watching Star Trek Voyager and Andromeda - so the whole crew living together and becoming a makeshift family always appealed to me). I like that they are outside the law and are basically a group of bandits.

    My favorite characters are Simon and Mal, and I love them both interacting or their separate relationships with others. I love that Simon is a great doctor who threw away everything he had worked for for his sister (I adore the relationship between the two of them so much!) and that he comes from a more refined background than those around him but still fits in. I honestly wouldn't mind anything with him interacting with any of the characters (Mal in a shipping wise or not, River and taking care of her, Inara and respecting her and having things in common, Zoe and/or Wash as well). I also adore Mal a ridiculous amount and how he's so protective of those on his crew.

    I prefer show focused canon (at least as far as Wash being around goes) and am not really into River being paired with anyone.

    Characters Requested – Malcolm Reynolds, Simon Tam
    Favorite Ships and Relationships –Mal/Simon
    Characters not requested but that I enjoy - River Tam, Inara Sierra

  • Mal/Simon - Anything about them getting together and/or hiding their relationship from the crew and it being found out.
  • Simon is kidnapped protecting the ship (maybe even tortured a little?) and the crew comes and rescue him. Then takes care of him afterward.
  • Mal/Simon - Mal starts to teach Simon how to fight.
  • Mal ends up with a kid (any age is fine) that comes and lives on Serenity.



    I nominated this specifically for Clark and Lex and have no regrets! I recently got the complete series box for this show and am reliving why I love it so much. I love the friendship between Clark and Lex and enjoy the characters immensely. Clark is my favorite character on the show and I like how much he grew over the series, how he learned about himself, his origins, and became the hero everyone already knew he would be. I am forever going to be bitter about Lex because I am always going to sympathize with him and reject him being a villain.

    I love the idea of them reuniting - set in any season or after the series (canon or canon AU). My favorite scenario for after the series is Lex without his memories is not a villain and actually becomes a good guy. I definitely lean more towards non villain Lex.

    Characters Requested – Clark Kent, Lex Luthor
    Favorite Ships and Relationships –Clark/Lex
    Characters not requested but that I enjoy - Lois Lane, Oliver Queen, Connor Kent

  • Clark/Lex - Lex starts to renew his friendship with Clark, through that he starts to get his memories back.
  • Clark/Lex - What if scenario if at any point Clark trusted Lex enough to tell him his secret. Revelation and dealing with things as a team.
  • Clark/Lex or Gen - Anything with Connor (either canon wise Connor or Clark finding a baby Connor made from him and Lex) and Clark becoming a family (Lex finding out about Connor).
  • Clark/Lex - Clark and Lex drifted apart when Lex moved away to manage a business overseas. 5 years later Clark is living in Metropolis as a reporter and Superman is being a hero. Lex and him meet up again and Lex gets to know him all over (basically how Lex was in the early seasons meeting Clark how he was after season 10).
  • Clark/Lex - Superman's secret identity is found out and Clark deals with that with Lex by his side (maybe Lex has been setting up plans for it happening and helps Clark deal with being out in the public eye).
  • Clark/Lex/Lois - Clark and Lois are together when Lex appears back in Clark's life, they fit him into their relationship.

    The Avengers

    credit here and here

    I am so incredibly happy this qualified! Currently I've only seen up to Iron Man 3 but will definitely have watched Thor 2 by the time assignments are due so I won't mind anything set either before or after it. Tony Stark is my favorite character in the series but Thor isn't far behind (and I feel like he doesn't get enough love!). I love Tony with the arc reactor, being a genius and creating stuff, bringing the Avengers together to live with him, becoming a hero, and in general everything from his snark to his vulnerability. I love that Thor is a Prince from another realm and how he holds himself. The whole "God" thing is also incredibly awesome and I am a big fan of the lighting and the hammer. I am also hugely intrigued by Asgard and Thor's place there.

    Pairing wise I definitely ship Tony/Thor, but I love the pairings below as well. I am also a huge fan of Avengers team fic and adore every single Avenger something fierce.

    I love Tony/Pepper but don't really read it as a primary pairing and I am not a fan of Thor/Loki (or Loki in general as a major focus).

    Characters Requested – Tony Stark, Thor
    Favorite Ships and Relationships – Tony/Thor (Thor/Jane, Tony/Steve, Tony/Natasha, Tony/Thor/Jane, Tony/Loki)
    Characters not requested but that I enjoy - Jane Foster, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanov, Clint Barton, Phil Coulson, Bruce Banner

  • Tony/Thor - When Thor is thrown out of Asgard Tony is the one to find him. (Would also love Tony/Thor/Jane).
  • Tony/Thor - Tony and Thor have been in a relationship and Thor decides to take him to Asgard. (Would not mind if marriage/courtship played a part).
  • Gen or Any pairing - Anything with Thor bringing his fellow Avengers to Asgard and them seeing him in all his princely glory (maybe some catastrophic happened on Earth? Maybe it was just a visit? Or one or more of them could be hurt?).
  • Gen or Any pairing - As a teenager Tony was doing an experiment that backfires and sends him to Asgard. He's taken in by Odin.
  • Gen or Any pairing - Tony moves in the other Avengers and their significant others. Him, Bruce, and Jane start sharing labs and do science. (Honestly, anything with the three of them bonding over being geniuses)

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