chosenfire28 (chosenfire28) wrote,

Art for Songs For the End of the World by th_esaurus (Hannibal/Will/Abigail)

Art for the hannibal_bb story Songs For the End of the World by th_esaurus.

Title: Songs for the End of the World
Author: th_esaurus
Pairing/Characters: Will Graham/Abigail Hobbs/Hannibal Lecter
Warnings/Content: Gore, Horror, Body Horror, unprotected sex, romantic cannibalism, Zombie Apocalypse
Word Count: 20k
Summary: When the infection hits, swift and relentless, turning men into monsters and the world into a wilderness, Will Graham is one of the few who doesn't run. He's lost his wife, he has no colleagues, and Abigail Hobbs has been a ghost for such a long time; the only person he has left in the world is sitting in the dank cells of Baltimore Hospital for the Criminally Insane.

Waiting for him.



Act Title Cards.

Tags: big bang art, hannibal
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