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Dear Yuletide Author (2013)

Dear Author,

First off, thank you so much for writing for me! I can’t wait to see what you come up with and hopefully the information below helps you out. Two out of the five fandoms I’ve requested are ongoing canons that are currently airing new episodes so for those I will try to keep up to date notes as I watch! (so there will be spoilers but I will spoiler tag them <3).

Basically, I am pretty easy to please due in part to the large fact that I just love a lot of things and will be ridiculously happy with anything because it's Yuletide and because its exciting!

As far as things I like go the general list is:
I like everything from slash to het to threesomes (huge fan of those! lol). I also wouldn’t mind Gen if that is something you’d prefer to do and will list prompts for those as well. Rating wise I am fine with anything between PG and NC-17. I would enjoy seeing the ships I’ve listed get it on so if you would like to write that I definitely wouldn’t be disappointed (porn related favorites of mine are manhandling, rough sex, public sex, teasing, foreplay, getting caught in the act).

If you aren’t a porn writer and would prefer not to write it I wouldn’t mind either! I don’t want to make you feel pressured at all and just wanted to put it out there that I would be open to it.

As far as story likes go I enjoy hurt/comfort (not too particular on how that happens, injury, sickness, kidnapping/rescue – I love all scenarios), team work/ensemble fics, angst with a happy ending, kidfic (more the process of having a child/how it changes a person’s life than focus on the child) – fine with regular pregnancy/mpreg/adoption, supernatural elements (werewolves, shifters, mutants, wings), secret relationships that get found out and the fall out from that, pretending to be a couple where real feelings develop, falling into a relationship without knowing it, soulbonding/soulmates, and end of the world scenarios.

I also really love crossovers, and will have some crossover prompts at the end of this letter!

And my dislikes are:
humiliation, unequal relationships, permanent injury, slavery, crack, tooth rotting fluff, major character death, unhappy endings, infidelity/partner betrayal, and a/b/o (where there is major focus on omega’s being suppressed or a society that looks down on them).


Most of these fandoms I’ve requested in Yuletides past (and some other exchanges) so thoughts and prompts will be similar. I won’t be asking for anything I’ve already received so please don’t worry! I didn’t realize till I started writing this how many requests I was repeating but I adore so many of these fandoms.


This is definitely one of my favorite shows and I love how the characters have grown going into season 2!

Oliver Queen in hands down my favorite character in the show and I love where they are taking him. What I enjoyed about him in the first season was how he was adjusting to life post the Island and how he was suffering from PTSD and putting on front to everyone. I loved how Diggle and then Felicity brought him out of his shell and made him question the things he did. I love that he can be himself around them because they know who he is.

Season 2 has me really excited because that relationship with both of them is obviously a strong one that is changing how he goes about things. They have become very much a team and it’s great to see him try to be a different kind of hero for the city instead of a vigilante.

I really enjoy the Oliver/Diggle/Felicity dynamic and how they’ve become a really solid team together. I also like Oliver’s relationship with his sister and how she’s growing into an adult, I love the way he is steps up for his family and the obvious love he has for them. I am also a sucker for his relationship with Slade Wilson and find them absolutely fascinating, I know if the show follows the comic books Slade will be a villain but I would prefer he didn’t. Lately, I’ve really been enjoying the parallels between him and Roy and wouldn’t mind anything that explored them getting to know each other.

Characters Requested – Oliver Queen, John Diggle, Felicity Smoak
Favorite Ships and Relationships – Oliver/Diggle/Felicity, Oliver/Diggle, Oliver/Felicity,
Characters not requested but that I enjoy -Thea Queen, Roy Harper, Tommy Meryln, Moira Queen, Laurel Lance. Pairings wise – Oliver/Slade, Oliver/Tommy, Oliver/Tommy/Laurel, Oliver/Sara (I just enjoy him with everyone), also Roy/Thea (would not mind Oliver/Roy).

  • Oliver and Diggle are found in a compromising position. Instead of lying or hiding Oliver goes public with their relationship and makes no apologies to the media or his family.
  • AU, Oliver wasn’t on the Queen’s Gambit. Instead he gets a wakeup call about his life after he’s kidnapped and tortured. Looking for a way to take back control he looks for someone to train him and ends up meeting John Diggle.
  • Oliver has been spending a lot of time with Felicity and others have begun to notice, they enter into a fake relationship as an explanation. He takes her to formal events; she is invited to dinner with him and his family, and on nights he’s injured sometimes spends the night. Real feelings start to develop.
  • Post mission wind down, instead of going their separate ways Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity find themselves heading somewhere together (a bar, somewhere to eat, one of their homes). This is a pattern that keeps repeating.
  • Oliver/Felicity/Diggle not only with them helping Oliver with his vigilantism but also the other roles they play in his life, Diggle as Oliver’s bodyguard and training partner, Felicity working with him at Queen Consolidated. Would love anything that showed the different ways they interact.
  • Accidental pregnancy, how they handle it (up in the air whether its Felicity, a one night stand of Oliver’s, or even one of Diggle’s). Would love to see them come together to prepare for and care for an infant.
  • Anything where people who don’t know find out about Oliver and how they are brought into the fold. Would especially love if it was a combination of Roy/Thea and/or Moira.

    Fast and the Furious Series

    This will be my 3rd time participating in this challenge and my 3rd time requesting this fandom (I have received it for both years I’ve taken part). I wasn’t going to request it again but when it came down to it I will always be ridiculously happy getting any fics for this fandom. I will read anything for it and I enjoy the characters so much and get incredibly excited with each new movie!

    My favorite character is Brian O’Conner. I’ve loved his journey from being an undercover cop tasked to bring in a group of thieves to being a member of that group and on the run. His arc had been one of my favorites to watch and I love both the criminal and cop side of him. I would love to see him going back to being a cop, or even to see how he adjust to family life not on the run and what he does with his freedom.

    I’ve been a fan of the relationship between Brian and Dom from the beginning. I liked how Brian was drawn to him and how he pretty much gave up everything for him time and time again. I love the loyalty between them and how Brian has become a part of his family. I also adore the relationship between Brian and Mia and would not mind something that explored the three of them as a family.

    Characters Requested – Brian O’Conner, Dominic Toretto
    Favorite Ships – Brian/Dom, Brian/Dom/Mia
    Characters not requested but that I enjoy – Mia Toretto, Roman Pierce, Elena Neves, Gisele Harabo

  • Post Fast Six where they’ve moved back into the old Toretto house and are rebuilding their lives. Dom reopening the garage, Mia going back to school, and Brian being offered a job back with the FBI (how Dom (and Mia) react, talking it through, supporting him, etc).
  • Any twists with Brian’s backstory, all we really know if it was his father took off but would love if there was more to it that ends up affecting his life. What if his parents were world renowned criminals? Spies? Superheroes? Royalty? Really, would love anything where Brian’s past comes to bite him in the ass and Dom and the rest learning things they never knew about Brian.
  • An AU of the 4th movie where instead of bringing in Letty to help work a case the FBI goes behind Brian’s back and brings in Dom and what’s left of his crew (Letty, Leon, maybe even Vince, Han, Gisele) to work a case and assigns Brian as their handler much to everyone’s surprise. Brian hasn’t seen any of them (would love for Mia to be included, maybe brought in for protection) since the 1st movie and is the agent we saw at the start of the 4th movie (jumping off buildings, being a badass, going through partners like water). He’s told to work with Dom and his team to bring down a criminal using their special skillset. Would love for there to be tension between them, Dom still being angry but seeing Brian as his, Brian having changed because of his work with the FBI.
  • An AU of how things are post the 4th movie where Dom disappears (maybe he’s imprisoned, working for the FBI, temporary memory loss, injury, etc) and Mia still has the baby. Brian finds a way to clear all their names with the FBI and they move back to LA not knowing where Dom is. Mia is in a coma/killed, Brian is a single father raising an infant and working with the FBI to hunt down who hurt Mia, when Dom reentered his life.
  • Set anywhere after Fast and Furious. Things are great until Brian starts to have night terrors and flashbacks from when he was in deep undercover for five years. (up to author what undercover is) PTSD, old enemies show their faces, murder and mayhem, suspense. (snagged from the kink meme, I like this prompt!)
  • Mia is robbed at gun point in the store and someone calls the police, enter officer O'Connor who even with Dom's total distrust of cops impresses with the calm professional way he treats Mia, the way he doesn't take any crap from an obviously jealous Vince or the rest of the team and how he sees Dom not as an ex-con but as a brother and business owner who's been the victim of a violent crime. Brian begins stopping by the store regularly for lunch and to check on the neighborhood which Dom finds he appreciates and respects and soon Brian is starting to become a member of their group hanging out at the house or garage and even attending races with them when he's off duty, but what happens when Brian starts to hear talk around his precinct about hijackings and undercover joint FBI operations that may involve the Torreto's. (another one from the kink meme)

    This Means War

    Chris Pine is one of my favorite actors and I’ve loved Tom Hardy since Inception so I was ridiculously excited to see this movie. I enjoyed it a lot and while there were some parts that were cheesy I was delighted by it. My favorite part of the movie was the friendship between FDR and Tuck and how that translated into their partnership at work. I enjoyed them being a part of each other’s families and it always felt off to me that the strong bond they had was tested by liking the same woman.

    I would love for a story focused on FDR/Tuck but wouldn’t mind if Lauren was involved (huge fan of threesomes so wouldn’t say no to her choosing both and them choosing each other as well). The story however doesn’t have to be shippy, I would equally love anything focused on the friendship between them, from the start of their partnership to the cases they’ve been on together and the way they interact with each other’s families.

    Characters Requested – Tucker "Tuck" Hansen, Franklin "FDR" Foster
    Favorite Ships – FDR/Tuck

  • FDR is hurt (kidnapped, tortured, shot, etc) or in trouble while on the job and Tuck rescues and cares for him.
  • FDR finds out he knocked up a one night stand, she doesn’t want the baby and he has to make the decision whether he does or not. Either he turns to Tuck for advice or he tries to take it on and hides it, with Tuck finding out.
  • FDR is feeling sick, he tries to hide it (either a common cold, or mpreg).
  • A series of first for FDR and Tuck, first mission, first time Tuck meet Nana, first time FDR meet Joe, first time they kiss/have sex, etc.
  • The car accident that killed FDR's parents wasn't an accident. FDR and Tuck find out.
  • Anything involving their work relationship, how they work together as partners, the cases they take on, how others see them.
  • Supernatural/Shifter themed, where they respond to one other and form a small pack together.
  • FDR’s family finding out what he (and Tuck does) for a living. Maybe there is an attack against them from an old enemy and FDR and Tuck protect them. The fallout from that.
  • Tuck needs a place to stay and FDR has a guest bedroom that’s basically his anyway. So FDR invites him to move in and the fall into domesticity. Would love if it’s something neither realizes for awhile and any UST from sharing living spaces would be great.

    The Originals

    I have very complicated feelings for The Vampire Diaries (mostly adored the first 2 season, hated the 4th with a passion) but I gave The Originals a chance because I adored the characters and am really glad I did! The show has already started and I am loving it the way I used to TVD. My favorite part of the show is the relationship between the siblings, I am such a sucker for sibling bonds and this show is doing such a great job with that. I also love the setting and enjoy that the siblings are pretty much the bogeymen in the supernatural world because of the power they wield.

    My favorite characters are Rebekah and Elijah, and even though I feel like I should hate him I enjoy Klaus a lot (he’s such a brat but I love that the show acknowledges that and pretty much his siblings know it as well). I would love anything that explored Rebekah and Elijah’s relationship more, I feel like they both focus so much on Klaus that it would be great to see them focused on each other. I would also love anything showing Klaus not being selfish for once and caring for his siblings the way they care for him. At the end of the day I am fine with him being an irredeemable asshole because I love that Rebekah especially sees that and calls him on it.

    Also, even though she wasn’t nominated I adore Hayley as a character and she keeps growing on me. I love her relationship with the Original family and would enjoy any inclusion of her (I am also absolutely okay with the baby storyline). I am intrigued by Marcel and his relationship with both Rebekah and Klaus. He’s still has a little too many of Klaus’s worst traits for me to love him yet but don’t mind him being involved in any story.

    I also love Stefan (from The Vampire Diaries) and he played a large part in introducing Rebekah and Klaus as characters. I love the time he spent with them and how their characters were with him around. I love the parallels with him and Marcel and how Klaus actually saw him as being good enough for Rebekah (he just didn't want her to leave him). I know Caroline/Klaus is a popular ship and while I adore both characters I would prefer if they weren't together (I love them too much with other people!).

    Characters Requested – Rebekah Mikaelson, Elijah Mikaelson, Klaus Mikaelson
    Favorite Ships – Klaus/Rebekah. Rebekah/Elijah, Elijah/Klaus/Rebekah from characters requested, others are Rebekah/Stefan, Rebekah/Stefan/Klaus, Klaus/Stefan, Elijah/Hayley, Hayley/Klaus, Rebekah/Hayley
    Characters not nominated but that I enjoy Hayley Marshall, Stefan Salvatore

  • Rebekah is hurt or taken and Klaus and Elijah tear apart the city to find her, Klaus being willing to sacrifice himself to save her (realizing that he can’t bear to lose her).
  • Stefan leaves Mystic Falls and comes to New Orleans to stay with them. Offers to help with their war with Marcel and to protect Hayley. (would love Klaus/Stefan, Stefan/Rebekah, or Stefan/Rebekah/Klaus). Would love to see how Marcel reacts to him.
  • The Original family dealing with its newest member – I don’t hate the baby plotline and don’t really expect anything good to come of it but would love to see a normal no prophecy involved baby being born to Hayley and Klaus and how the family handles caring for it. I don’t think any of the siblings really have experience with children, changing diapers, feeding/burping, doctors appointments, and sleep schedules and would enjoy seeing them learn to be domestic (because really they wouldn’t have a choice).
  • Hayley becoming a part of their family during her pregnancy, a growing friendship with Rebekah that neither has ever had, bonding with Klaus over their child and their similarities, a newly returned Elijah offering her comfort and security. Also, would love to see her badass wolf side come out and for her to be perfectly capable of protecting herself as well (maybe the baby gives her a power boost, or maybe she just gets creative).
  • Klaus facing up to why he thinks no one will ever be good enough for Rebekah and realizing how much he cares about her. Would love to see him pursue her in a romantic sense or to be selfless for once and step back and let her have her happiness with someone.
  • Anything involving one of the Originals telling Marcel that killing an Original kills it’s entire vampire line (would love if Rebekah and Elijah have leverage against Marcel, maybe Elijah actually turned one of his siblings, Rebekah turns one of the humans he cares about before he’s told). I am a fan of others thinking they have the upper hand and the Original family turning it around on them.
  • Klaus discovers Katherine is alive and makes a deal with her for her blood so we can create more hybrids (the first could be Hayley after she gives birth, to protect her). He slowly starts to build his own army to take on Marcel.

    Shameless (US)

    This show is one of my favorites and I adore the Gallagher family so much. From the moment I saw it. I grew up poor in a large family (5 kids) and immediately identified with the struggle they go through but how solid the relationship is between the siblings.

    Fiona Gallagher is my favorite character on the show and I root for her so much. I love the way she has stepped up to care for her younger siblings when her parents can’t and my heart breaks for everything she’s gone through. I love that she is still hopeful and still fights for a future for herself and her kids. I also love the relationships she has with them, in particular Lip and Ian who being older are more aware of the situation they live in. While she definitely parents the others with them it’s more of partnership, both of them working (in Lip’s own way) and bringing in money to help support the family.

    Show wise I am open to having a story set during any specific time or not specifying. I would prefer if Ian didn’t use Lip’s name to join the Army or if it was set after he was back (and even the fall out from that).

    Characters Requested – Fiona Gallagher
    Favorite Ships – Fiona/Jimmy, Fiona/Tony, Fiona/Happiness, Fiona/Lip, Lip/Ian, Ian/Mickey
    Characters not requested but that I enjoy Lip Gallagher, Ian Gallagher, Veronica Fisher

  • Fiona finds out Frank has another kid out there that the mother either doesn't want or can no longer take care of. She can't turn her back on another Gallagher and takes them in (any sex is fine, prefer for them to be younger than Liam) while dealing with Frank.
  • Fiona finds out that Mickey was thrown out by his father for being with Ian and takes him in. He moves in with the Gallaghers. Would love to see Fiona dealing with Mickey the way she does the rest of her siblings, and her dealing with Ian and Mickey’s relationship.
  • End of the world scenario (zombie apocalypse, etc). I am a sucker for these kind of things and would love to see how the Gallaghers handle it and survive through it. Not too fond of character deaths (other than Frank and Terry) but would be okay with it in this kind of story as long as it wasn’t Fiona or her kids. If they work with their neighborhood, how they fight off hostiles, how they protect each other.
  • The Gallaghers are actually a werewolf pack/shifters. Inspired by how Fiona is like a mama wolf with her cubs. So actual animal shifter Gallaghers where even though they aren’t actually hers Fiona is instinctively and fiercely protective of her siblings.
  • Something good actually happens for them, either Fiona gets a great job (with benefits) or they win the lottery or something where they find themselves financially stable for the first times in their lives. How do they handle it and how does Fiona’s life change when she doesn’t have to live paycheck to paycheck to provide for them.
  • Fiona gets a pregnancy scare (either it’s a false alarm or she takes a test and it’s positive). The fall out from that, how she tells her siblings, how she tells the potential father (open to either Jimmy or even Tony). Would be fine if she wants to keep it even though it makes things more stressful (maybe she has a talk with Debbie) or even if she decides to abort. Would love to see her contemplating her options and her family sticking behind her no matter what she decides.

    I am a huge fan of crossovers so here are some crossover prompts that I couldn’t resist adding.

    Crossover Prompts
  • Fast and the Furious Series/Shameless – Brian is a Gallagher, Frank has the dad that walked out on him and he learns about all his younger siblings when he starts looking into things (maybe having Jack gets him thinking about family). He goes to meet them, would love for Fiona and Brian to bond (could just be Gen for Brian, or the Toretto’s come along and Brian/Dom, Brian/Mia, Brian/Dom/Mia)
  • Arrow/Shameless – Lip goes to college and ends up working for Queen Consolidated, he invites his family down for a company event.
  • This Means War/Almost Human – Setting the events of This Means War in the future, where the company FDR and Tuck work with refuse to enforce Human/Robot partnerships and FDR and Tuck meet John Kennex. Would love for anything FDR/John or FDR/John/Tuck (disclaimed – I am more than a little bit of a Kirk/Bones shipper but would genuinely love to see how FDR and John interact as the characters they are).
  • This Means War/People Like Us – Sam is actually FDR, his father was still a musician who died and left behind a daughter and grandson FDR didn’t know about. He approaches her while on a vacation. His work life meets his new life when, during a dinner with Frankie and Josh, an old enemy attacks. He brings them to Tuck to help get protection.
  • The Originals/The Borgias - Would love for Elijah to meet Cesare and Lucrezia and decide to sire them. Bonus if he does Micheletto as well (I love Cesare/Micheletto, Cesare/Micheletto/Lucrezia, and Cesare/Lucrezia). Maybe he admires their loyalty to one another. It could be set just with them meeting and him changing them, or could go on to show them coming to New Orleans to help find Elijah.
  • Or really any of the requested fandoms crossed over with my favorite fandoms: (with the focus on the smaller fandom characters and how they interact in the larger fandom world) Teen Wolf, Avengers, Star Trek AOS, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Fiona turns out to be a Slayer, Brian gets bitten by a wolf, Oliver gets recruited into the Avengers (or catches SHIELDS eye and they try to recruit him), FDR and James Kirk are actually twin brothers and FDR was actually the good son who went into law enforcement and then James had to join Starfleet and save Earth (maybe they introduce each others boyfriends to each other), Hayley is actually a Hale and Derek comes looking for her and finds her with the Original family.

    Honestly, huge fan of crossovers – would not complain at all at getting one!

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