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Dear TW Holidays Author Letter

Dear tw_holidays writer.

First off, I want to say how sorry I am for not having this all up and ready before assignments went up and want to thank you for your patience!

Thank you so much for writing me a story this year, this is my first time participating in this challenge and I am really looking forward to whatever you decide to do.

As far as things I like go the general list is:
Hurt/Comfort, Angst with a happy ending, ensemble/team fics, canon AUs (I am incredibly fond of both that and canon based stuff for this fandom), Kidfic (adoption, fostering, mpreg, pregnancy, etc - less focus on the actual kids and more on the experience if becoming a parent and the changed responsibility/perspective), secret relationships that get found out, soulbonding/mates, clothes sharing, domesticity, scent marking (and other wolf based tropes), and I will never say no to end of the world scenarios!

Things I dislike:
humiliation, unequal relationships, physical disabilities that aren’t canon, slavery, crack, extreme fluff, major character death, unhappy endings, infidelity/partner betrayal, a/b/o based stuff, all human AUs, and permanent character death.

I honestly will adore anything with the characters/pairings I requested, either character focused or pairing focused. Stiles is my favorite character on the show but Derek is a very close second (and probably the character I get the most emotionally involved in), I wouldn’t mind Derek/Stiles at all but I am also extremely fond of the other pairings so really any of them will make me happy. I adored Allison this past season and how she has been coming into her own. I was also delighted to meet Cora and would love to see how she adjusts to being a part of Beacon Hills and the group there.

Other characters wise I adore Erica and Boyd, I love Derek as an alpha to his pack of Erica/Boyd/Isaac. I love the friendship between Stiles and Scott, and the slowly building comradiance between Scott and Derek. I enjoy Lydia and her friendship with Allison and Stiles. I don’t mind if Jackson was brought back because I am fond of her and my favorite flavor of Peter is ambigious but not a complete villain and caring uncle to Derek and Cora (that doesn’t often show it). I love all the parents and wouldn’t mind them playing a small or big role. The only characters I don’t really care for are the alpha pack or too large a focus on Danny.

Prompts (feel free to ignore them if you have something else in mind, just putting some in to help with inspiration!)

Gen or non romantic focused
  • Anything focused on the relationship between Derek and Cora, I loved the tenderness she showed him after he saved her life and would love to see them bonding. A great place to pick up would be the road trip they just went on together.
  • Stiles and his father’s relationship post 3a and how it changes with the Sheriff now knowing. Any pairings from the requested would be fine!
  • Friendship fic between Derek and Stiles, Stiles and Allison, or Stiles and Cora.
  • Derek being an alpha to Erica/Boyd/Isaac (and others – maybe Jackson, Scott, Cora, etc) and growing into the role.

    Pairing focused
  • Derek/Stiles – Stiles ties himself to Derek to save his life.
  • Derek/Stiles/Allison – Stiles and Allison get bitten by an alpha and Derek offers to help them adjust and be their alpha.
  • Stiles/Allison – Scott is busy (maybe with Isaac?) and they both are feeling lonely. They start to spend more and more time together and feelings develop.
  • Stiles/Cora – Cora starts attending high school and Stiles is her only real friend (eating lunch together, sitting together, waiting by the lockers).
  • Derek/Stiles/Cora – Derek is hurt and Cora and Stiles take care of him, Derek notices the way they touch each other and interact but completely misses that they are trying to pull him in as well.
  • Derek/Stiles – They start dating in secret, slowly people start to see that something is going on (werewolves smiling Derek on Stiles, Stiles stuff left at Derek’s place, them spending a lot of time together).
  • Derek/Stiles/Allison – trapped together/running away from a villain one of them is hurt and they work together to get to safety.
  • Stiles/Allison – Stiles goes to Allison because he wants to learn how to defend himself.
  • Stiles/Cora – She starts coming to him every night and sleeping in bed with him (she feels safe with him). Would love for a Derek and Stiles friendship that builds from them both caring about Cora. Bonus the Sheriff finding Cora in Stiles bed.
  • Stiles/Derek/Cora – Stiles goes away to college (New York? or somewhere else in California) and finds himself rooming with Derek and Cora.

    Kidfic Prompts: (because I can’t resist)
  • Derek/Stiles – Derek asks for Stiles help to bring back Erica and Boyd (maybe Peter and Lydia as well), it works but something goes wrong and they are brought back as infants. Derek and Stiles care for them together (mostly love the idea of Derek being devoted to them even as children).
  • Derek/Stiles/Allison – From her father Allison learns of a group of Hunters that have a werewolf baby (killed the family and kept the child), when her father refuses to interfere (maybe not wanting to bring attention to them) Allison goes to Derek and Stiles for help. They could keep the child or not, but would love to see how they rescue it.
  • Stiles/Allison - They both had been drinking at a party and end up sleeping together. Allison finds out she’s pregnant and Stiles and her have to figure out where to go from there and how to tell Scott (I love the friendship between Scott and Stiles and would be okay with it momentarily being strained as Scott learns the truth but not breaking).

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