chosenfire28 (chosenfire28) wrote,

Art for Synchromesh (Skyfall, Bond/Q)

This is the art for the the second 00q_bb story I claimed, Synchromesh by foolish_m0rtal

Title: synchromesh
Author/Artist: foolish_m0rtal, chosenfire28
Rating: T
Pairing/characters: James Bond/Q, Eve Moneypenny & Q friendship, Boothroyd
Warnings/content: reference to death of children
Medium/Word count: 17594
Summary: "I should let you know that MI6 is not in the habit of ceding to terrorists," Q tells him with chilly poise. "But it is after hours, and this is at least a halfway decent kidnapping."
Bond's answering hum of amusement resonates and mingles with the sound of the revving engine.



Tags: big bang art, skyfall
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