chosenfire28 (chosenfire28) wrote,

Art for The Bodyguard (Merlin/Arthur)

Art for the paperlegends story The Bodyguard by rotrude.

Title: The Bodyguard
Author: rotrude
Artist: chosenfire28
Pairings/characters: Merlin/Arthur, Tristan/Isolde, hinted at past Gwen/Arthur, past Uther/Ygraine mentioned
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 72,000
Warnings: Minor character deaths, violence of the action genre variety
Summary: The magical party spearheaded by Balinor Emrys wins the general elections, if by a thread. While some see this as a chance to reform current discriminatory laws against magic, others loathe the idea. The day Mr Emrys accepts the Queen's request to form the next government is also the day his enemies choose to act, orchestrating an assassination attempt. The attack also seems geared towards taking out the PM's conspicuously magical son, eighteen-year old, Merlin.

The aftermath is pure confusion. With Merlin's bodyguard down, Mr Emrys is forced to seek another one despite his son's firm refusal to lose somebody else.

Enter ex-serviceman and ex close protection expert Arthur Pendragon. In a climate of general suspicion Arthur becomes Merlin's new bodyguard and finds out just how difficult sticking to duty may be when he's growing closer and closer to the man he's due to protect.



[About the manip]Not my best work but I came across beautiful picture of Jeremy Renner and loved the pose and thought it fit Arthur protecting Merlin perfectly.


Tags: big bang art, merlin
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