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Art for (And Now These Walls)Come Crumbling Down - Merlin/Arthur

Art for the paperlegends story (And Now These Walls)Come Crumbling Down by phandomoftheowl

Title: (And Now These Walls)Come Crumbling Down.
Author: phandomoftheowl
Artist: chosenfire28
Pairings/characters: Merlin/Arthur, Morgana, Mab(Inspired by Percy Bysshe Shelly’s poem), gods of various religions, Lancelot.
Rating: M
Word Count: ~43K
Warnings: Modern AU, temporary character death, violence, use (and somewhat abuse) of Greek/Norse/Hindu mythology, age difference(Arthur: 17/18, Merlin: 30s/1400+).
Summary: It wasn't that Artie had anything against strange men coming to his room in the middle of the night to save his life. But Hynafol Emrys was an especially infuriating savior and all Artie really wanted was to sleep. Was that too much to ask?



[About the posters, possible spoilers for the story]
I had fun putting together images for this. I instantly new I wanted to use the Colin picture, it fit with the wealthy powerful older man that he is seen as in the story. The backgrounds where inspired by the different places they travel in the story.

Excalibur the gun
[About the gun, possible spoilers for the story]
In the story Excalibur was made into a gun that was later given to Arthur. During claims there was a line in the summary that instantly caught my attention and I had to try to make the gun :D

and a divider for the story based off that:

Tags: big bang art, merlin
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