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28 January 1990
California, United States
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Maricopa High School - Maricopa CA (2004 - 2007)
Taft College - Taft CA (2008 present)
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alex/hank, american idol, animals, arthur/eames, ats, batman/joker, battlestar galactica, being human, big bang, brian/justin, btvs, buffy summers, buffy the vampire, buffy/spike, caroline forbes, caroline/tyler, cats, charles xavier, charles/erik, charmed, chris halliwell, chris pine, clark kent, clark/lex, clark/oliver, dan/blair, dan/nate, dan/serena, dark angel, dean winchester, dean/buffy, dean/cas, dean/castiel, dean/gabriel, dexter, doctor who, erik/charles, fan fic, fan fiction, fanart, firefly, glee, gossip girl, graphics, grimm, harry potter, harry/draco, harry/hermione, hawaii five o, heroes, hummelberry, icons, inception, james t kirk, jensen ackles, jeremy/tyler, john/sherlock, kara thrace, kara/lee, kirk/bones, kirk/spock, kittens, kradam, kris allen, kris/adam, kristen bell, kurt/blaine, legend of the seeker, lost girl, mal/simon, mark/eduardo, matt bomer, merlin, merlin/arthur, mike/harvey, movies, music, natasha/clint, neal caffrey, neal/peter, nick/monroe, nikita, nikita/michael, peter/nathan, peter/sylar, photoshop, piper/leo, primeval, queer as folk, rachel berry, rachel/jesse, rachel/puck, rachel/quinn, reading, revenge, ringer, roswell, rpf, sarah michelle gellar, sherlock, slash, smallville, sons of anarchy, spuffy, star trek, stefan salvatore, stefan/damon, stefan/elena, stefan/klaus, steve/danny, steve/tony, suits, supernatural, television, terminator:scc, terra nova, the avengers, the borgias, the covenant, the dark knight, the social network, the vampire diaries, tony stark, tony/bruce, torchwood, veronica mars, veronica/logan, white collar, winchesters, writing, x-men, x-men first class

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Hey, my name is Krystal but most know me by Chosenfire if they know me at all. I am a college student and am majoring in English and I used to know what I wanted to do, now I have no idea but the school part is fun.

I spend a lot of time running challenges and communities for the fandoms I love. The list below is my way of being lazy and having a place to jump from link to link. I love my communities and have fun running them. I also writing fan fiction, everything from crossovers to RPF. Other than that I have been doing a lot of graphics, art for stories and some icons.

Friend me if you want, I don't mind. Just let me know that you do and take the time to comment on some of my posts so I can start to get to know you. This journal is Friends Only but all fics and art posts are unlocked. Any personal posts by me are locked.

I love being a part of a team - I am:
The Captain of Team Lust at the summerpornathon
Sorted into Gryffindor at hogwartsishome

I run several communities, some with amazing co-mods.
kradam_ai - Co-Moderator, Owner
grimm_fic - Maintainer, Owner
summerpornathon - Co-Moderator
mating_games- Team Spark Captain

Big Bang/Reverse Bang Communities
kradambigbang | sncross_bigbang |inception_bang |xmenbigbang |
hawaii_bigbang | | crossbigbang | werewolfbigbang | teenwolf_bb
polybigbang | rpf_big_bang | holmes_big_bang
twreversebang | merlinreversebb | xmenreversebang


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